Mar 28, 2012

craving calm

Life has been so busy lately.
Like almost-a-blur busy.
All good stuff happening, actually wonderful stuff, but I need LOTS more hours in the day kinda stuff.
That's not good, not healthy.
I am craving calm...
not necessarily quiet, just calm. 
I am craving a day with out saying "please hurry," "we're late," "it's 7pm and I have no idea what's for dinner," "4 more loads of laundry to go," "finish your homework!" "let's go"
you get the idea...can you relate? 
bet you can, pleeeeeeeease tell me you can!
So today I had to be in South Carolina at my parent's home 
to measure some furniture they are storing for us.
I was so blown away with the calmness of their scenery
and so I snapped a few pictures to remember the beauty of it all....
the calmness of it all.
this is their view from the back of the house....
it's so quiet and private and still
and calm.

oh how that bench was calling my name,
but alas 4 kids who needed to be at golf, choir and baseball won me over.

the color palette in their back yard is stunning and beautifully different throughout the year....
and calm.
great to see the heron garden sculpture we had gotten a while back 
from here.
the smell of rosemary
a calming scent...
and not a bad view from the garden in it's early spring stage...
Already blessed to be enjoying arugula and mesclun mix from here!
craving calm...
where do you go to find calm?
what do you do to find calm?
who do you turn to to feel calm?

Mar 27, 2012

Rooted in Faith shopping...

So many of you have asked about where to find and shop for the designs I did 
in memory of sweet Sloan Chambers. 

I do not know all of the retailers who carry them but I have heard that this design has sold well 
and that makes my heart so happy 
knowing the proceeds are all going to bless her special fund at Levine.
Also make me smile knowing these products are blessing gardens and homes around the US.
Here are a few places you can purchase them on line no matter where you live: carries some of my other designs

Last Monday, she would have turned 15....
and oh was my heart so heavy this week thinking of her and praying for her parents.
Hundreds are continuing to sign her Facebook page...
If you are new here you might want to read about this amazing girl and her story here and here 
and about how this all came to be. 

And recently, our middle school dedicated their first ever e-book collection in Sloan's name.
Hundreds of books can now be checked out electronically by students 
to read on their ipads, ipods, kindles or nooks. Very cool and exciting! 
Sloan would think so too, because she was passionate about reading 
and her dream job was to be a librarian!  
Here her parents and grandparents hold the special plaque dedicating this program in Sloan's name.
Thank you for shopping for the Rooted in Faith products
 and for your prayers and support to this wonderful family.
And remember.... ANYONE can donate to The Sloan Chambers Fund here.
****with so much gratitude my heart could burst...seriously, thank you guys!

Mar 26, 2012

simple art from the heart

Hi there sweet Designing For the Soul readers!
So sorry that the last few posts never showed up in your inbox 
if you are a subscriber by e-mail.
Not sure what happened there but I think we fixed it.
If you want to backtrack you can read the posts you may have missed here. 
the winner is April Hunt (please email me so I can send your prize!)
Working on possibly combining my blog and website 
(hopefully getting a new facelift) 
so stay tuned for news on that.
To make simple art from the heart
all you need is:
white card stock paper
a Sharpie
a smile

Create something beautiful today...

Mar 25, 2012

the pine trees know it's Easter...

A couple of years ago I posted here about the pine trees just before Easter....
and this year one of my sweet readers sent this to me from Oregon...
Can you see the tips of the pine trees near her home?
thank you Erica for sharing this!
and her sweet message made my day...
Hi friend,
I was thinking about you this morning when I was sitting down with my kids at breakfast time. I was looking out my windows at the pine trees in the distance and noticed how their new growth resembles the cross. I remember your blog last year about this but never was able to see it until now. I pointed it out to my kids and we talked about how cool it was. I took a picture with my camera and zoomed in as much as possible just so you can see. I know it's probably not easy to see but I wanted you to be part of this great morning of mine. 

Your sweet messages hold a special place in my little memory bank!
Have a fantastic day amidst all the craziness going on in your life right now. 

Keep your head up and your eyes on the prize...all of them!
In abundant love,

and I just love this video too!

Enjoy and Easter blessings...

Mar 22, 2012

stunning spring!

May the glory of spring and His amazing creation speak to your soul this weekend.
I pray we notice every single stunning detail.
I do not think I have ever felt or have been so busy 
and yet I refuse to miss the beauty of this time of year. 
I'm carrying my camera almost every where I go these days...
documenting the house renovation progress 
and I find myself pulling off the side of the road to capture gorgeous views like this one.
Lord, help me focus up.
inspired by colors so captivating
and witnessing new blooms bursting open each day
stunning spring...
Please remember to email your favorite crock pot recipes to me 
 at and
one lucky name will be drawn
on Sunday night March 25th 
to win this frame I designed for Demdaco
It measures 8.5 x 10.5 but holds a 4 x 6 photo.

Mar 21, 2012

hunting for treasures

Had some special time today with my dear friend Kate. 
We hit one of our fav places....
Some might say "why on earth?" 
but we know you have to look past the mess in search for a treasure.
It's many treasures there and new ones in each week.
Enjoy a few of our peeks....

loved this washed blue door...could be a neat headboard for boy's bed...

 oh how I love chippy white paint...


 we loved these words painted on slate roof shingles...

we laughed through the isles of the vintage/retro clothes...
kinda looked like a vintage Lilly

super heavy quilted skirts...would cut them up and make pillows or clutches I think.
great pattern...

and the best for last... scored this amazing stainless steel island with drawer and pot rack and will be using this in the renovated studio. 
Incredible price and they are holding it until we move back in...yippee!
Another artist sent me a message on facebook today saying she got the same thing from a restaurant supply company and she uses this in her studio and absolutely loves it. 
Super excited about this and plan to hang baskets with embellishments 
for my mixed media pieces up above. Other ideas?
 and have been looking for some mid century modern chairs for a while...
found this fabulous pair of LUCITE AND CHROME chairs...
yep, shiny yellow vinyl seats ...
they are comfy and cool. 
L O V E   'E M
 and got this for my 11 year old who loves to hunt...
for his hand towel in his new bathroom. 
oh and snagged this old, giant paint brush...
very heavy and neat detail.
May frame it in the studio...not sure yet.
Super fun day with sweet Kate!
We laughed and laughed our way through the retro/vintage section.
We hope you enjoyed the antique mall tour.

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