Feb 29, 2012

mini art gallery in my minivan

Yep, I have the BEST art gallery evah'! 
No, not my own art...one of my sweet daughters did this for me.
Thank you Sarah Grace...xoxo
Simple art with a simple Sharpie marker on mini post it notes....
placed purposefully in my mini van of all places by that sweet seven year old.
As you can imagine, I spend lots of time driving to and fro
so this mini art gallery on my dash board brings me joy multiple times a day. 
And oh what a treat when I am stuck in traffic 
to glance down and see such happy reminders of love and creativity.
Yep, best art gallery evah'!
I highly recommend you request one of your very own!

Feb 28, 2012

color inspiration, paint chips and more!

Have been pondering paint colors lately for our home renovation and 
did you know Benjamin Moore has a fabulous phone app...
 Snap a picture with your phone of something you love with great color
and it will find a paint that matches it!
How cool is that?
You can check it out here!
And on the Sherwin Williams' site you can register and save your favorite paint colors
and even search by color family here. Love that!
Really loving this groupng....

Cool Neutrals

(137 colors )

and this one:


(188 colors )

Thinking of this or this
for the inside of my bookcases with glossy white trim..hmmm

And in my search through zillions of paint chips...
I thought I'd share a few fun paint chip projects I found while browsing. 

You didn't think I could post 
about color and paint
without sharing a few art projects.... 
now did you? Ha!
Paint Chip Boxes....
you can see the tutorial here!
or learn how to make this mosaic table here!
or this paint chip wall art here!
or this very neat triangle paint chip project here!
or if you sew, you'll love this!
or this fun clock
or paint chip place cards here- how clever!
and we are most definitely going to do some crafting here with the kids 
using this idea!- love it!
Isn't life grand wheyou view iifull color ?

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