Jan 31, 2012

house inspiration board

Have been pinning lots of photos lately on my 
house inspiration board on Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest?
Come on over and join me along with thousands of others.
It's just like an electronic bulletin board
where you can group things you love and pin ideas which inspire you.
Here are a few of my favs in the house category.
pops of color....
l o v e 
this marble backsplash
as a mother of four, I find this brilliant!
great ideas for organizing workspaces, studio spaces...
chalkboard, bulletin board, magnetic...this is just smart.
My new closet will not look like this, but a girl can dream, right?
outdoor fireplaces
You can see my all of my house inspiration photos here. 
And you can see my other Pinterest boards here.
Come join in the fun and gather inspiration from one another...

Jan 30, 2012

Silver Lining...

Just love this verse...and this new color palette!
The latest collection of patterns is called Silver Lining. 
These silvers, these grays....are just so calming and so soothing, don't you think?
This new mixed media uses some of my favorites....
grays, whites, corals and blues.
This piece already has a new owner (so sorry), but you know they'll be more. 
What are your favorite colors these days?
Your favorite verse?
Does color make you smile?

Jan 29, 2012


Hope you all had a glorious weekend!
In between all the packing, packing and more packing....
there has been a tummy bug which has hit a few of us here.
Wow, wash your hands and stay healthy folks! You don't want it!
Despite that, we had a fabulous weekend...
Friday night SOCK HOP at the kid's elementary school...
Such a cute family event....but this night was just me and my girls!
Here are a few of the highlights...


Project time....worked on the 100th day of school projects...remember these?

Not sure how I managed to scoot away Saturday with all that's happening here 
(thank you amazing husband and friends who pitched in)
but the Divine Divas, my amazing prayer group met HERE...for an awesome 24 hour retreat.
We've been meeting monthly for 8 years!
My, oh my we have been through so much together.
We felt a world away even though we all live less than 10 miles from this spot.
This was the view from our room:

This retreat started with exercise and yoga. 
Sweet Hannah was our fabulous instructor!
Sauna and Steam room, pool time and lunch.
Spa time...massages, facials, manicures, etc
then more lounging, chatting, sauna, steam room, showers and relaxation.
So completely opposite of what a normal Saturday is like for all of us.
It was pure heaven!

Then appetizers and cocktails in our suite, then out to dinner....
and back the suite again for a long night of talking and laughing so hard... we cried. 
Our time ended Sunday morning with worship right in our suite
 and we had a wonderful speaker come lead us in that time. 

Such a great weekend of rest and rejuvenation...both physical and spiritual. 
So incredibly grateful for this group of women in my life.

Have a wonderful start to your week!

Jan 26, 2012

Where in the world is MB?

Ok friends...new, fun challenge....
when you are out and about shopping
and you happen to see Multiple Blessings products in stores, 
snap a photo and send them in here to 

The ladies at CROSSINGS on Main in Fort Mill, SC, my hometown... 
sent me the nicest message letting me know they purchased my Demdaco line.
Thank you so much!

This precious one and her mom saw my Flip Notes for Wellspring at a store called 
The Winkled Egg in Hendersonville, NC

and a sweet friend, Kate just saw these recently at The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

Send snapshots of Multiple Blessings products whenever you see them in stores nationwide 
and we'll post them here then throw your name in for a chance to win a prize!
*send photos to multipleblessings@mac.com
*subject line: Where in the World is MB?
Have a fabulous weekend!

Jan 25, 2012

Tervis tumblers-READY!

Sorry for the back and forth about my new designs for Tervis...
(if you follow Multiple Blessings on Facebook,
you may know I asked for your opinion of the designs there.)
We thought they were going to launch for the January show
but we had a change to make so they were not ready in time.
Then I thought they would wait until the July show to release,
but now I have been told they have started production NOW!
My samples just arrived! yippee...
So here they are...all finished and I am much happier with the change that was made.
Aren't they super happy and colorful?
Really can't wait to use them and give them.
They make awesome gifts...stuff them with candy, a gift card or just as they are!
I love Tervis....they have a lifetime guarantee and they really do keep your drinks hot or cold!
This is the first inspirational collection Tervis has ever done.
Super delighted to have been chosen for this.
Which ones would you order or choose if you saw them in a store?

Pinky promise...
I will let you know 
as soon as they are 
officially up and running 
on the Tervis website!

Jan 24, 2012

second chances...

Freddie Sherril is one of the most incredible men I know. 
Inspiring, kind, hard-working, honest, dedicated, and compassionate.
He had many challenging years, was homeless and on the streets of Charlotte,
came close to death more than once, and made many poor choices
but by the grace of God and the open heart of a young pastor years ago,
Freddie was given a second chance.
Hear our pastor here, Steve Eason and Freddie share their special bond and his amazing journey.
If you can't see the video click here.

Second chances...we all need them.
We may not deserve them.
Thank you God, for your grace and mercy and for second chances.
Do you know a Freddie or a Steve?

Jan 23, 2012

lovin' decoupage!

Having the best time lately decoupaging all sorts of things 
and recently I needed a solution 
for my new square business cards to take to Atlanta market.
This is the front...

This is the back...

If you haven't been to Paper Source, run!
It's a fabulous place for all sorts of paper goodies
 and I bought one of these sturdy square boxes...
just the right size for my new cards.
Probably not my long-term solution but it filled the immediate need.
I used my patterned papers to dress it up and make it one-of-a-kind.
I started by covering the lid....

and the center...just a reminder for me to keep
my eyes
my ears
and my heart
wide open to His goodness
like I wrote about here.
It was so much fun to pull this out at market 
and one manufacturer loved these boxes so much we may be recreating these in the near future!
Big smiles, happy creating...

Jan 22, 2012

feathering our nest....

So it's finally happening. 
We've been dreaming of and praying about this update to our home for over 4 years. 
We love this 1953 ranch with a basement, but when we bought this house 
we had no idea we'd be adding twin girls to the mix after having our two boys.
Needless to say, this family of six feels a bit tight and the closets from 1953 aren't exactly spacious.
So we're packing up everything, yes every single thing (whew!) and moving out 
while the renovation takes place over the next 6 months.
We'll be in a home just a mile or two away with loads of friends nearby
 and easily able to scoot back here watch our nest develop.
©Caroline Simas

I say "nest" because just like birds 
we gather and congregate here each day and evening. 
Our home, our nest, is the place of memory building.
The place where we share each other's best and our worst...
our highs and lows from each day.
Our nest is a place where we love each other in spite of our flaws and short comings.
We want our nest to be a place of warmth and comfort...
a place to be ourselves and gather in laughter and in tears.
Our nest is a place we break bread together and give thanks.
In our nest we seek peace, joy, encouragement, grace and forgiveness.
We want this nest to be a place the kids feel welcome to bring their friends.
We want this nest to be a place we learn to spread our wings, each of us....
and encourage each other to soar, to fly.
And although what we are about to do is super scary and a big leap of faith, 
we are certain our nest will not fall. 
We're building it on a firm foundation and know that God has it all in the palm of His hand.
Do you feel the same about your nest?
What's your nest like and do each of your birdies including you feel free to fly?
Oh, and any remodeling advice is completely welcomed!

Jan 19, 2012

final recap-Americasmart!

It's hard to believe there was more to my recent market trip than 
this, this and this.
Have I told you about Grace Management yet? 
I am fired up, honored, tickled pink to be partnering with this wonderful company.
They are a family-owned fragrance and candle company in Spartanburg, SC. 
How cute is their showroom? 
Can you see the punch buggy filled with sachet packs? darling.
And do you notice the front license plate?
Yep, they are a family-owned Christian company
and they love blessing many through the sales of their products. 
The candles seen in this window display show that the sale of one of these candles feeds a hungry child for a day. Grace donates a portion of the sale of every single one of their candles to help feed hungry children in orphanages. The picture of this child is really one of the children in the orphanages that Grace supports and there are 365 candles in the window which feeds her for a year. 
Powerful window display, don't you think???
You can read more about what they do here
Their mission is simply beautiful.
Meet Heidi who works for Grace. She's precious inside and out. 
It's such a God story about how we met here.
So THRILLED I get to work with her.
She is the "Creator of Cool"...seriously, that's her job title.
And she is responsible for this awesome showroom display!
AND she created this window display too!
Sachet packs made into umbrellas! 
Glistening strands of beads symbolized rain.
It was stunning and oh my it smelled so beautiful too!
And they won "Best of Floor" for their showroom displays! woo-hoo!
and lookie at how fun this is...
and  this is 8 Petals, their very cool jewelry...
and their belt brand...love!
 and this is Grace's high end candle line called Vitovo...
such a cool room and display.
just love what they are doing with this business. 
Good, good stuff.
Good people.
Stopped by to see the Possibilities Collection at Wellspring
Their new logo and products looked amazing!
Had a great meeting with the team at Creative Co-Op...
we are planning an array of awesome goodies for the summer 2012 launch.
It has been a ton of work but so much fun.
They are capable of creating just about anything!
I can hardly wait to see it all roll out in a few months. 
This has certainly been a "pinch me" project...another dream company to partner with. 
During my time in Atlanta, I ran into several artist friends I feel blessed to know...
like the super talented Kate Spain.
She is as sweet as she is talented.
Same thing for Cindy Ann ...
 and ditto for Amanda Murphy who was exhibiting for the first time in the Licensing section...
she's a fellow fabric designer for Robert Kaufman and lives in Charlotte near me.
 We had a celebratory dinner at the Atlanta Grill in the Ritz which was spectacular....
celebrating my sister's birthday and all the blessings of the weekend.
Such a magical evening.
 and the food was out of this world...
 and the dessert-oh my!
 the lobby was stunning...
 tulips twisted in glass spheres...oh my!
One day for lunch, we had a special meal at the Sun Dial Restaurant 
which is on the 72nd floor of the Westin Hotel (I know, I know, can you believe that?) 
It was so high I almost lost my breakfast on the way up...but the view was worth the scare. 
And the restaurant rotates (slowly thank goodness) while you dine.
Just look at the view of the Georgia dome and Centennial Park!
the food was amaaaazing!
We hit the cash and carry on the way out and that place is overwhelming to say the least. 
Here is a tiny peek. More jewelry than one can comprehend.
and we just love these boots! 
My sister has a pair but I tried to stay away...for reasons I will share next week.
stay tuned...
Hope you enjoyed the Atlanta recap...
Many thanks again for your encouragement, love, support and sharing in the enthusiasm.
I am enjoying the journey and am thanking God for every single step of it.
Have a beautiful weekend.

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