Sep 6, 2012

Living your passion out loud & purpose-filled work

Do you love your job or are you stuck in an unfulfilling career?
Have you discovered your passion and are you
living your passion out loud?
*paper weight I designed for Creative Co-Op...a great reminder for me each day:)

I am one of the fortunate ones (don't believe in the word lucky)
who knew at an early age
what I wanted to be when I grew up.
 I've made so many mistakes along the way and learned from all of them.
Stumbling blocks seem to steer us toward growth spurts, don't you think?
It crushes my heart when I hear comments & questions like these:
I have no idea what I am good at doing...
I wish I had a talent like you...
No idea what I will do when the kids grow up and leave for college...
I can't figure out what my talents and gifts do I figure that out?
How should I know what I should be doing?

I bet you've heard some of them too.
I actually have spoken on this topic before
and feel compelled to teach our own children at an early age
that they are each born with specific gifts and talents-all from God.
And they are called, like I am and you are, to use them and use them wisely.
Figuring out those talents may not always be an easy road
but the good news, I believe, is that it's never too late to figure it out.
While we may think we're trying to figure out what to do with our lives,
we are in fact trying to find our purposes in life.

Our boys are reading this before school each day (
and I highly recommend it for middle school and high school boys.
it's sports related...& you can find it here
I think it's so hard to find cool devotions for males and especially this age group.
Today's was on job satisfaction...
LOVED this last part and had to share it with you...

Being passionate about whatever you do is important.
So find out what you're passionate about...
what lights your candle?
what would you do if you had a week with no kids, no husband, no interruptions?
what would you do with all that time?
I betcha' that gives insight into what you enjoy, what lights your candle,
and what your God-given talents may be.
If we are able to marry our talents and gifts with our career
it's an extra blessing.

Here's to discerning our God-given talents, our gifts,
 and what we are truly passionate about...
and even more than that
here's to using them to bless others.
Go get 'em!


  1. I was fortunate enough to hear him speak a few years ago... Thank you for sharing this today!

  2. My husband meet him at a gas station here in Redding, CA. He was with his family making a quick stop. He was a very nice man & took his time to talk to my husband & others here.


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