Aug 22, 2012

special delivery! Creative Co-Op

I wasn't prepared even after seeing it all in person here
and I wasn't prepared when they called and scheduled a special delivery time with a large truck
and I wasn't prepared when they said it was 2 large pallets weighing 565 pounds. 
I wasn't prepared for them to say they don't take the boxes or the wrapping with them when they leave.
If anyone local needs bubble wrap, let me know. I have PLENTY to share!
My sweet William who loves putting things together,
helped so much...bringing boxes in, opening them like it was Christmas (for me)
and putting things together like the two dress forms here. 
Love that kid.
In the end, the front room was overflowing with the goodies I designed for 
Creative Co-Op and I could hardly stand it.
I'm processing it all...
trying to decide what to keep, what to give away, and you may just see a few items here soon.
Stay tuned for that.....I'll keep you posted, promise.
 I think the tufted bench is so cute at the end of the twin bed...going to order an extra so they each have one. A great spot for tying shoes before school, laying their clothes out the night before, etc.
Would make a great piano bench too!
and this chair found a special spot near lots of windows...
Usually for the 
Where in the World is MB? posts
I'm featuring various places carrying the products...
and today they happen to be right here at home.
I'll be organizing my Be Still and Know sunroom for sure in the next few weeks
and plan to use it for just that.
If you're new here and want to understand the history behind this collection, 
you can read that here.
And if you are a retailer finding this post and you'd like to carry some of the collection in your shop, you may contact Creative Co-Op for more information.
G R A T E F U L.


  1. Wow! How fun and great is that?

  2. Oh my word. I love, love, love the artwork. My walls are calling out for those. :)

  3. WAIT A MINUTE! That chair was supposed to be delivered to MY house.


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