Aug 15, 2012

Honduras on my heart...

Welcome to my first blog post in a new series called
Be My Guest!
I thought I'd try this out with my family first
and soon I'll be hosting some other wonderful guests...
our interviews will be on a variety of fabulous and interesting topics.
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I am looking for creative folks interested in sharing with my readers about your:
Passion for Teaching
Thoughts on Motherhood
Trying to Balance it All

Let’s talk about:

My sweet dad just returned from 10 days in Honduras. 
It was his second trip there and was quite a powerful experience.
17 folks from his church went and served with hands and hearts wide open.
It has me looking forward to my October trip to Honduras
with Bridgewater Candle Co.
You may remember that amazing story here.
Still so grateful I can barely talk about it without crying.
Caroline: Dad, tell us about the area of Honduras where you were serving
and what did the views look like?
Dad: We flew into Teguicigalpa, the capital of Honduras.
Here is the view with the statue of Christ high on the hill.
Caroline: Wow, powerful sight to see!

Dad: And here are a few colorful hand-made hats and such for sale there...

Dad: However we worked in Trinidad de Copan.

Caroline: What were the conditions there?  What did it look like?

Caroline: Can you tell us what you did there and share some photos?
 Dad: This was the first time these families had a team come in to help develop their area. 
The people were so excited and so grateful. 
They truly felt like it was an answer to their prayers.
They clearly did not want a hand out; they wanted only spiritual and physical support. 
Caroline: Tell us a bit about the building process.
Dad: There were 7 team leaders and they had their own group of folks committed
 to help build cement block at a time.
the goal- 45 homes!
When we left we had completed 5.
Caroline: Looks like you all had a great time working together.
Dad: Yes, they are hard working folks and are so very thankful for everything.
Dad: Our team celebrated the completion of block work for one house!
Caroline: Looks like such an awesome moment!
Caroline: What was one of the most amazing moments of the trip? 
Dad: Well, do you remember Mr. Joe Sistare from church?
Caroline: Yes I do.

Dad: Well you know he had been to Honduras twice before to serve 
and was actually scheduled to go on this trip 
but unfortunately he passed away recently. 
Caroline: Sounds like he had a heart for Honduras. 
Dad: Yes, and our Men's Group at church raised enough money 
to completely build this family a new home.
This is the mom and her daughter and her aging father.
She had four children and her father living with them.
She's holding the photo of Joe Sistare that we gave her
and we had Joe's son and granddaughter with us on the trip as well so it was a special moment.
Dad: This is their current very poor condition.
Caroline: Tell us about the children please...
Dad: They are so grateful and so happy.
Caroline: I see you taught them "bunny ears" while having pictures taken....
and I notice a young girl helping with a younger sibling.

Dad: This is Sadie and Ruby.
Dad: walking uphill with water balloons...
Dad: Lunch in Honduras...
Dad: This is my buddy, Jesus.
I taught him the Tiger handshake.
Caroline: What touched your heart the most Dad?
Dad: The folks there are filled with so much love and faith.
When we're there, we realize we are completely dependent on God
and the kind people there for ALL our needs.
We have no control...
There are no cell phones. no computers, no hot water;
There are challenging sleeping conditions, risk of disease;
the language isn't the same.
We are only there to serve so our focus is on service....
there are NO distractions.
It reminds me of the Bible Study your mom and I have been to this summer,
The Good and Beautiful Life...
Matthew 5...the Sermon on the Mount;
The Kingdom of God is not for the future,
but rather for right now.
Dad: (choked up and break of tears)
Caroline: What's the "takeaway"
Dad: I heard two great quotes when I was there.
When I hear I forget
When I see I remember
When I do I understand.
by Calvin Coolidge

 And then a while back someone asked me why we actually go on these mission trips...
the cost, the time away, the hard labor...
why can't we just send money and have the folks there build the homes?
And then a great young man on our trip, Mike Fritz, said this about that same thought...
You can't send a check for hope.
Caroline: Love it, so true.

Thanks to my Dad for being the first Guest
and for serving in Honduras in the name of Christ.
Hope you all enjoyed the interview and a few of his photos from the trip.
He took a few hundred so we could't share them all!
So many opportunities for

Be My Guest!

Let me know if you'd like to
Be My Guest 
or if you know someone who should be featured
by sharing their story and passion.

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  1. Wonderful interview and recap of his amazing trip! Love you both!


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