Jun 14, 2012

squeals from the studio! and vacation :)

Not sure if you can hear me from where you are 
but I am squealing with joy over here in the studio.
Some exciting things happening soon and I'll share tid bits here
and hope you'll squeal alongside me.
On Monday, June 18th
my dragonfly and butterfly inspirational tumblers
will launch in the larger 24 oz. size on the Tervis website.
ahhhh....just in time for summer!
Here is the link to shop for Inspirational Butterflies.
Here is the link to shop for Inspirational Dragonflies.

Next Thursday, June 21st
be on the lookout here for a fun give away from DaySpring!
Remember I showed you all the fun Demdaco products I designed?
The kind folks at DaySpring are teaming up with me for a great give away
so be sure to check in then...you won't want to miss it.
Speaking of teaming up,
I have hired the talented folks at BellaWorks to help me revamp/freshen up 
my very outdated Multiple Blessing's website.
It's embarrassingly outdated and we're working to join the blog and website...
hoping to streamline it all 
in a fresh, exciting and "easy to navigate" way.
Whether you're a sweet reader and fan,
whether you are a retail store owner who carries the products I design,
or whether you are a manufacturer who is interested in licensing my art,
our hope is that the new space will be informative, colorful, helpful, and inspiring.
s t a y    t u n e d ! ! !
and finally...
getting pretty excited to celebrate the launch 
of my first ever collection with Creative Co-Op.
I have been thinking about how God gave me the idea to dream up and create
a "Be Still and Know" corner for home...
a place where we can go to find rest; rest in Him. 
Whether through prayer, devotion, reading, meditation or just quiet time...
it's a space in the home for retreat.
A place where no electronics are allowed,
a space with a window to the outside world...
where we witness the birds.
The birds which remind us that God will take care of all of our needs
the small ones and the big ones too.
And even the tiniest of seeds will fill us; they'll fill our souls
if we fill up with His Word. 
A place where we find joy and inspiration.
I am so looking forward to having this space too. 
It's going to be an intentional room specifically for this 
and my hope and prayer is that others may want to create a
"Be Still and Know" room in their home as well. 
So, thanks for squealing with me sweet readers!
And FYI, I am taking a few days off from the blogging world.
Heading to soak my toes in the sand and build sandcastles,
ride in the boat and sleep in,
watch the sunsets over the marsh,
take long walks and bike rides with the kids
become inspired by something there which may lead to designing a new collection...hmmmmm.
I'll be back in time to post the give away with DaySpring late next week. 
until then, blessings...

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  1. I love this Caroline! Thank you for my beautiful coasters! I want you to pop over to my blog and see who my fabulous friend on friday is today!!!


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