Jun 26, 2012

Dear Studio,

Dear Studio,
I have missed you. 
I can't wait to enjoy your three windows and beautiful light.
I am excited to see your new floors.

I have so many ideas and projects in play 
and they are spilling onto paper and sketchbooks 
as we travel and skip about this summer. 
But I am missing you and can't wait to be back in our space together to 
create, create, create!
I have big plans for some major creating, so get ready. 
We've got some super exciting projects in the works...
Rest up, we're going to be busy and have fun this fall!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Caroline,
    O how I have missed you! Your contagious spirit, abundant energy, the colors you bring into my life and the sweet sound of your voice. I miss the kids coming in to see what you have created new and the smiles they give. Although God has not this place, I do miss his hand print that is so obvious in all your work. I am being patient my dear friend and soon we will be together again everyday laughing, creating and making messes.
    Your Studio


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