May 28, 2012

Skipping church/Doing church

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!
We did...nice to sleep in a bit, put some sweat equity into the house, 
swim at the pool with friends, cook out, etc.
I love my husband for so many reasons but one of them is because of his big heart.
Saturday night he said, Tomorrow morning I want to have a family meeting with the kids and tell them...
Let's skip church and go "do church"-be the church!
Let's prepare lunches for the homeless and go deliver them.
We did and it was awesome; can't wait to do this again soon.
We split up into teams...some went shopping and bought bread, peanut butter, Goldfish crackers, 
granola bars, apples, candy, toothbrush kits, mouthwash, paper bags, bottled water. 
We also typed out three scripture verses and a message and then the girls decorated each one.
An assembly line was created and they made sandwiches and bagged it all 
making sure each one had every item inside.
Bottled water was iced down in a cooler too.
Soon we were ready to go.
We ended up in the uptown area and we were able to give a couple of lunches away 
but actually had trouble finding folks. 
We thought many may have already headed to the shelter so we also moved in that direction. 
We landed at Urban Ministry Center which is a wonderful place in Charlotte. 
Our boys have served there before through our church youth program so it was familiar to them
and it was a great place for us to make sure the lunches landed in just the right hands.
I was so interested to see the art room...have had this place tugging at my heart for quite some time.
They have volunteers help with the homeless with art instruction each day of the week.
The program is called ARTWORKS 945
What an incredible place!
I would love to help here in some capacity...we'll see what God has in store for that.
We enjoyed looking at all of their creations.
If you have time, watch this video ---called "The Right Thing To Do, 
amazing and heart wrenching 
about how Urban Ministry is helping Charlotte's homeless. 
Powerful, good stuff.
So it was an amazing day of skipping church and "doing church" instead. 
I hope we'll do more skipping and more doing soon.
As it always seems to be the case when serving in the name of Christ, 
I believe we end up being blessed far greater than those we set out to bless.
Really blessings all the way around.

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  1. I loved reading about this experience. What a perfect way to involve your children in literally spreading the Love of God. Thank you for the inspiration to do something similar with my family. :)


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