May 31, 2012

Coasterstone GIVE AWAY!

Happy weekend everyone!
Anyone ready for summer?
Beach weather and sand between your toes?
Birds chirping as you "sleep in"
and not waking up in a mad rush at 6am to get kids ready for school?
I am! I am!
Wanted to let you know the very nice folks at Coasterstone and I are 
having a fun summer kick off / give away this weekend!
If you're interested in winning this set of


All you have to do is leave a comment here sharing 
*one reason you love summer
*one thing you plan to do this summer
*one place you plan to travel to this summer
*one thing you enjoy doing with your kids in the summer
*where you plan to enjoy the coasters if you win

Ok, so now you have 5 chances to win.
You may enter up to 5 times...
Please leave comments here before 9pmEST Sunday, June 3rd.
Remember in the meantime,
you can check out all of my designs for Coasterstone 
Hope you'll participate and share this fun give away with friends.
The coasters are great and make wonderful gifts...
FABULOUS teacher gift idea!!!
 We have several sets around our house and love them!
Enjoy and blessings on your weekend!

*Thanks Coasterstone!


  1. Caroline, your coasters are beautiful! I plan on going to Carolina Beach this summer with my family. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I love summer because we all tend to relax more and are able to spend more time outside. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  3. One thing I plan to do this summer is to make a quilt for my godchild. His wife is expecting their first child in August. Thanks again.

  4. I used to love summers more- but now the heat seems so...well...HOT! I hope to spend much more time quilting but likely won't go anywhere. Happiest at home when you spend 6 days at the store! I'd use the coasters both home & store. Thanks for the chancE!

  5. I love spending time with my children. We are planning to go to the beach together this summer. Can't wait. It should be lots of fun.

  6. Your coasters are beautiful! Thanks for this chance. If I were lucky enough to win, I'd use your coasters in our sunroom.

  7. The heat after the long cold is welcome and my shoulders dont scrunch up to keep the cold at bay. Hope to do heaps of walking and reading, attend a wedding in India and going to South Africa for work and some fun and if I win the coasters will find their way to Pakistan where I will share them with my mum!

  8. Why do I love summer?
    Let me count the ways!
    I love the veggies that grow
    in the hot hot days.

    Oh, wait, maybe I don't love summer
    as much as some of you.
    Those 105° days are so hot
    and rainy days are too few.

    But since it's a contest
    I'll answer with this -
    the veggies we grow
    fill my heart with bliss!

  9. One thing I'm planning to do this summer
    is stay inside -
    these hot hot days are a real bummer!

  10. I'm not sure I'm going anywhere this summer,
    but if I do, it'll be either OKC or New Orleans.

  11. My kids are grown, so we don't plan a lot of stuff to do. My daughter and I might go to OKC to visit my oldest son/her brother and his new bride.

  12. We'd be enjoying the coasters right here at home, in west-central Louisiana!

  13. Love the coasters and your giveaways! We plan to do more camping and day hikes this summer. It is a great way to have family time and explore our beautiful state!

  14. Cute coasters! I enjoy summer because the days are so long you don't have to go inside until it is 9:00 .

  15. My husband and I plan to visit our daughter and granddaughter in Maryland this summer.

  16. I would keep the coasters in my living room. :-)

  17. I love summer because it is a time to unwind and remove ourselves from the normal schedule. We always go to our beach house for the summer. I love to spend lazy days there with the kids on the beach. This is where those coasters would be put to good use! Happy Friday Caroline!

  18. I love summer because it is camping time again. And I don't have to wade through snow to get to my car.

  19. We have plans to go camping and build a house.

  20. We are going down state to VanBuren State Park this year. We have never gone south to camp before.

  21. I really enjoy getting to camp with my girls. They are older and have their own families now so it is about the only time during the summer that we all get together.

  22. I will put them in my camper. I don't have a set for there. Can you see a theme here? I like to spend most of the summer camping and we may end up living in the camper this fall if our house sells and we have to move before the new house is built.

  23. Lynn said: This summer I plan to spend time having fun with each one of my boys individually..
    They are all going to camp at different times so we will take advantage of those quieter days riding bikes, boating and reading. I think I might teach them to cook a few things too!.

  24. Anita said: More time to just relax .....trying not to plan but just listen to the Lord....and let Him plan for a fantastic summer day!!!
    XO Anita

  25. On my to do list for summer: Read in the sunshine (play), and Refinish and stain a quilt rack (productive).

  26. I plan to go on up to Vashon Island and watch my nephew Truman play T-ball, then enjoy the company of his mom, dad, brother, and sister. Bliss.

  27. No kids in our family, but we have dogs, cats, and chickens, and on sunny days I love to be outside with them dogs & chickens. As I work in the yard or read, they come up and check out what I'm doing, sharing in the fun.

  28. If I won the flip-flop coasters, I would share them with my niece Hannah. She grew up in land-locked states but always knew she was a beach girl at heart and now lives in Southern Cal. If I won those birds, they would be staying with me--I adore them too much to share. :)

  29. Nancy said: I can’t wait to enjoy my five year old grandson’s visit to “Camp Gammy” for a week this summer!!! He lives 9 ½ hours away, so our time together is precious.

    Nancy Deacon

  30. I plan to spend more time with my children just having lazy summer days!

  31. We plan to spend a lot of our time at the beach with our extended families at Pawleys or Fripp Island. If I win the coasters will give the coasters to Louise for the Fripp house :)

  32. I am also looking forward to sleeping in past 6:15 in the mornings :)

  33. I plan to sit with my children and enjoy the sunsets each evening over the St Lawrence River in New York!


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