Apr 29, 2012

weekend gratefulness

weekend gratefulness:
for some family time
for some creative time
for an awesome neighbor cookout
for healthy kids who 
played soccer...
and baseball 
and golf 
and the golfer won 2nd place at a tournament here
and for wonderful grandparents who took him there
and for the new scout backpack
and for some family "sweat equity" work at our house being renovated...
good for all of us to feel vested in this place called home
and for getting giant bubblegum at the hardware store
and for getting the call that my dear friend Kate and her husband are adopting a baby boy!!!!
and for praise and worship 
and for being the guest speaker to the women at a church in Matthews this morning
and for the sunshine and the beautiful weather
and the beautiful flowers everywhere
and for doing hair and make up and painted toenails with her 
before her big debut show at our church
it was Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat
it was awesome!
and for the talented kids and adults involved in using their time and talent 
to pull this off in three weeks 
and that the monies raised will go to our youth and music ministry trips
which will bless many.
and for her sweet smile that I never ever want to forget.
How was your weekend?
Was your weekend full of gratefulness too?

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  1. Thanks Caroline for sharing some of your precious time with us at Matthews Presbyterian church this past weekend. Blessings!!!


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