Apr 24, 2012

standing on the Word....

Well last week the men came to pour the concrete for our new back porch...
part of it's covered, part uncovered. 
We can't wait to make memories in this special space.
I had to be there and meet with them early that morning.
Checked to make sure the brown concrete stain was the one we'd selected 
and chose the size of the scoring for the 4 x 4 squares.
Nicest family-owned concrete company ever.
James, the owner (now in his early 80s and his son Allen and his team were amazing to watch.
And it was this sweet man, James who noticed our scripture on the inside walls 
which you may remember here.
When he brought it up he then proceeded to share a story of a man long ago 
who for whom he had done concrete work.
After he shared the wonderful story and idea I asked how long it would be
until they started pouring..."about 20 minutes" he said.
I sped to the nearest store and bought what I needed.
Bible -check
clear storage box -check
And so the story goes...
I wrote on the inside cover...our family names, our address, the year...
then I opened it to the 23rd Psalm, read it and smiled...teared up.
then precious James found some Saran wrap-like material 
and we covered the opened Bible and placed it in the open box.
James proudly wears this hat every single day and what a witness he is to many.
We laid it inside the open area of the patio surrounded by rocks.
He marked our location so we'd remember.
And then they started pouring the concrete. 
I know, it looks yucky but it looks pretty now, trust me!
It was a special moment and it was fascinating to watch...
wish the kids could have seen it but they were all in school, 
they have all seen the pictures and video though.
And then once it was scored...
James made a cross per my request 
right in the spot where our Bible is located.
And now we will literally be standing on the Word of God.
How cool is that?
Blessings on your day,


  1. What a story - your home has a wonderful foundation on many levels! Love what you have done so far!

  2. How cool is that.......so wonderfully faith driven!!!!! I love it. Blessings to you my friend!

  3. Love the way you're making this house truly your home. You truly have multiple blessings, and are passing this on to your children. Miss you, dear friend.


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