Apr 11, 2012


Feel so blessed to be working with my sweet and talented friend Katie Emmons. 
She is doing our kitchen design 
and man oh man is she incredibly creative and gifted with interior design.
You can look at her beautiful website here.
Her heart is as beautiful as the interiors she creates.
We have had a blast working on this dream project 
and today we finally made the decision on marble after three months of searching and researching.
Our kitchen island is going to be huge 12.4 x 4.6 so it was pretty important to love it.
ok I know it looks white but it has beautiful brownish veining in it which will be beautiful with the reclaimed wood they are using to build our island base. 
It's called Bianco Avion Premium...had never heard of it until we researched.
I know lots now about marble after three months of learning.
ok, do we look happy enough in our photo below? 

and here are a few of the latest house progress peeks.....
it's wild and fun and oh so many decisions
but we continue to be so grateful to be doing this and really are enjoying the process.
We have a phenomenal builder too...Kathy Ector (K. Ector Homes) 
but she does not have a website so I can just share that we love her and she is wonderful.
the view standing in the back yard...
not the best photos (from my phone)
but the new steps down to the studio
and a view into the studio with a new window overlooking the back yard...yippee for light!
so it's a work in progress.
Thanks for following along...this is so new for us so any building advice welcome!

P.S. Thanks to Hannah and Christine for featuring me


  1. Huge, gorgeous DREAM HOME coming true!!! So glad for you!

  2. I love Katie! She is awesome and will do a great job! Very talented designer and such a great person!!!!


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