Apr 26, 2012

a little preview...

I have decided I need more arms. 
I bet you may agree with me on this.
In particular, right arms....because I am right handed, ya' know. 
And since I am being picky I'd really like several more, like 5-10 more. 
Having trouble here creating art fast enough for clients, 
which really is a wonderful problem to have;
oh yeah and we're renovating the entire house. 
I think I have 24 canvases going at once right now...
some watercolors too and even creating some 3-D prototypes. 
My studio looks like my 14 year old's closet....
enough said, you get the picture.
But it's all good.
Finishing the final touches for a full Christmas collection,
new art to a new client which I hope to share soon,
and finishing the pieces for the upcoming Carolina Art Soiree.
Hope you will join me there if you are near Charlotte.
It's gonna' be super, fabulous, terrific, extraordinary, special, fun, outstanding...
can you tell I'm excited?

Here's a peek at just one of the new pieces...
©Caroline Simas
So looking forward to this special event 
and supporting my precious friend Hannah
Isn't it amazing to see how people turn a trial from their life into a testimony?
Hannah has certainly done this. 
She has poured hours of her heart and soul into this cause
and this event 
which has raised thousands of dollars toward GBS research.
Mark your calendar...it's going to be a wonderful evening!
Pretty please don't forget to shop the BOGO Skinit event.
You can learn more about that 
mwha! thank you...

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  1. Amen to more arms. And since I'm asking for something impossible can I also request more time, a smaller waist, my love for carbs to go away, and a round trip ticket to your art soiree!

    More importantly, I LOVE your new art piece. Orange and turquoise....my favorite!

    Miss u!


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