Mar 28, 2012

craving calm

Life has been so busy lately.
Like almost-a-blur busy.
All good stuff happening, actually wonderful stuff, but I need LOTS more hours in the day kinda stuff.
That's not good, not healthy.
I am craving calm...
not necessarily quiet, just calm. 
I am craving a day with out saying "please hurry," "we're late," "it's 7pm and I have no idea what's for dinner," "4 more loads of laundry to go," "finish your homework!" "let's go"
you get the idea...can you relate? 
bet you can, pleeeeeeeease tell me you can!
So today I had to be in South Carolina at my parent's home 
to measure some furniture they are storing for us.
I was so blown away with the calmness of their scenery
and so I snapped a few pictures to remember the beauty of it all....
the calmness of it all.
this is their view from the back of the house....
it's so quiet and private and still
and calm.

oh how that bench was calling my name,
but alas 4 kids who needed to be at golf, choir and baseball won me over.

the color palette in their back yard is stunning and beautifully different throughout the year....
and calm.
great to see the heron garden sculpture we had gotten a while back 
from here.
the smell of rosemary
a calming scent...
and not a bad view from the garden in it's early spring stage...
Already blessed to be enjoying arugula and mesclun mix from here!
craving calm...
where do you go to find calm?
what do you do to find calm?
who do you turn to to feel calm?


  1. So timely Caroline! I was feeling the same thing so I put on my ipod with quiet music and looked at my picture that reminds me to Be Still. :)

  2. Caroline...♥♥♥ these busy days I dream about fresh nature scents and my yoga lessons which always brought me calmness, happiness and deep deeeep breath...:))))Lovely spring time to you and thanks for your lovely blogs which remind us that we are mainly people with the SOULS craving for the happiness,love and joy! :)


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