Jan 25, 2012

Tervis tumblers-READY!

Sorry for the back and forth about my new designs for Tervis...
(if you follow Multiple Blessings on Facebook,
you may know I asked for your opinion of the designs there.)
We thought they were going to launch for the January show
but we had a change to make so they were not ready in time.
Then I thought they would wait until the July show to release,
but now I have been told they have started production NOW!
My samples just arrived! yippee...
So here they are...all finished and I am much happier with the change that was made.
Aren't they super happy and colorful?
Really can't wait to use them and give them.
They make awesome gifts...stuff them with candy, a gift card or just as they are!
I love Tervis....they have a lifetime guarantee and they really do keep your drinks hot or cold!
This is the first inspirational collection Tervis has ever done.
Super delighted to have been chosen for this.
Which ones would you order or choose if you saw them in a store?

Pinky promise...
I will let you know 
as soon as they are 
officially up and running 
on the Tervis website!


  1. Love all of them, first is my favorite. I am going to get some for my staff! In awe of your talent!

  2. All of them are beautiful! My favorite is the second one. Be sure and post where we can purchase them. Thanks for being an inspiration to everyone.

  3. My favorite is the latest, but all are beautiful.

  4. Dragonflies - big no.1 for me! :)))) Hard to choose only one of them...:)) Day full of inspiration to all of you! :) Thanks God to people with such a talent like you have, Caroline :) - they make our days brighter! :))))


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