Jan 24, 2012

second chances...

Freddie Sherril is one of the most incredible men I know. 
Inspiring, kind, hard-working, honest, dedicated, and compassionate.
He had many challenging years, was homeless and on the streets of Charlotte,
came close to death more than once, and made many poor choices
but by the grace of God and the open heart of a young pastor years ago,
Freddie was given a second chance.
Hear our pastor here, Steve Eason and Freddie share their special bond and his amazing journey.
If you can't see the video click here.

Second chances...we all need them.
We may not deserve them.
Thank you God, for your grace and mercy and for second chances.
Do you know a Freddie or a Steve?


  1. Grey said: What a beautiful and inspiring life! Thanks for sharing this amazing miracle.

  2. It's wonderful what he did with his second chance!

  3. Beautiful! I need second chances. Thank God for his grace!


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