Jan 19, 2012

final recap-Americasmart!

It's hard to believe there was more to my recent market trip than 
this, this and this.
Have I told you about Grace Management yet? 
I am fired up, honored, tickled pink to be partnering with this wonderful company.
They are a family-owned fragrance and candle company in Spartanburg, SC. 
How cute is their showroom? 
Can you see the punch buggy filled with sachet packs? darling.
And do you notice the front license plate?
Yep, they are a family-owned Christian company
and they love blessing many through the sales of their products. 
The candles seen in this window display show that the sale of one of these candles feeds a hungry child for a day. Grace donates a portion of the sale of every single one of their candles to help feed hungry children in orphanages. The picture of this child is really one of the children in the orphanages that Grace supports and there are 365 candles in the window which feeds her for a year. 
Powerful window display, don't you think???
You can read more about what they do here
Their mission is simply beautiful.
Meet Heidi who works for Grace. She's precious inside and out. 
It's such a God story about how we met here.
So THRILLED I get to work with her.
She is the "Creator of Cool"...seriously, that's her job title.
And she is responsible for this awesome showroom display!
AND she created this window display too!
Sachet packs made into umbrellas! 
Glistening strands of beads symbolized rain.
It was stunning and oh my it smelled so beautiful too!
And they won "Best of Floor" for their showroom displays! woo-hoo!
and lookie at how fun this is...
and  this is 8 Petals, their very cool jewelry...
and their belt brand...love!
 and this is Grace's high end candle line called Vitovo...
such a cool room and display.
just love what they are doing with this business. 
Good, good stuff.
Good people.
Stopped by to see the Possibilities Collection at Wellspring
Their new logo and products looked amazing!
Had a great meeting with the team at Creative Co-Op...
we are planning an array of awesome goodies for the summer 2012 launch.
It has been a ton of work but so much fun.
They are capable of creating just about anything!
I can hardly wait to see it all roll out in a few months. 
This has certainly been a "pinch me" project...another dream company to partner with. 
During my time in Atlanta, I ran into several artist friends I feel blessed to know...
like the super talented Kate Spain.
She is as sweet as she is talented.
Same thing for Cindy Ann ...
 and ditto for Amanda Murphy who was exhibiting for the first time in the Licensing section...
she's a fellow fabric designer for Robert Kaufman and lives in Charlotte near me.
 We had a celebratory dinner at the Atlanta Grill in the Ritz which was spectacular....
celebrating my sister's birthday and all the blessings of the weekend.
Such a magical evening.
 and the food was out of this world...
 and the dessert-oh my!
 the lobby was stunning...
 tulips twisted in glass spheres...oh my!
One day for lunch, we had a special meal at the Sun Dial Restaurant 
which is on the 72nd floor of the Westin Hotel (I know, I know, can you believe that?) 
It was so high I almost lost my breakfast on the way up...but the view was worth the scare. 
And the restaurant rotates (slowly thank goodness) while you dine.
Just look at the view of the Georgia dome and Centennial Park!
the food was amaaaazing!
We hit the cash and carry on the way out and that place is overwhelming to say the least. 
Here is a tiny peek. More jewelry than one can comprehend.
and we just love these boots! 
My sister has a pair but I tried to stay away...for reasons I will share next week.
stay tuned...
Hope you enjoyed the Atlanta recap...
Many thanks again for your encouragement, love, support and sharing in the enthusiasm.
I am enjoying the journey and am thanking God for every single step of it.
Have a beautiful weekend.

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  1. BIG WOW!Thanks a lot for this looong and interesting blog! :) I´D WISH TO BE THERE AND SEE ALL THESE LOVELY GOODIES...XXX m.


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