Nov 30, 2011


Just learned that my Finally Free fabric collection has shipped 
and is ready and for sale now over at The Fat Quarter Shop!

The lovely folks there asked me to do a little interview 
and that will be featured soon along with a giveaway so stay tuned.

Such fun to meet kind people from all over who are enjoying the fabrics 
and are making beautiful things with the collection.
Makes my heart smile...thank you.
If you do sew goodies with the collection, please send photos 
and we can start a Flickr sharing spot here on the blog.

Super duper news that Tervis is launching 4 of my designs on 24 oz. tumblers this January!
Yay that company and their products. 
Lifetime warranty, love it.
Samples should be shipped to me in the next week. 
oh, and they're also placing my art on water bottles this spring.
-we sooooo need these in our house!
Not sure about you, but we try and stay away from juice boxes and pack water bottles or lemonade 
but I seriously have not found a water bottle that I love.
They all seem to leak, break, or we lose the tops.
So I'll keep you posted but in the meantime...
 you can still get THESE which by the way make great stocking stuffers. 
fill one with candy and a gift card for teacher gifts!
Many thanks to all of you who signed up!
I am looking forward to teaching a mixed media art class
Thursday, December 1st from 7:00-9:00pm 
here in Charlotte at
The Wine Palette
We'll be recreating these fun Christmas collages I made
using scrapbooking papers from Michaels...(not my Multiple Blessings' designs.)
Should be a fun evening! 
For those of you who signed up, don't forget to bring yummies and sips.

4th Annual
Cookies For Kids’ Cancer
Bake Sale
**Saturday, Dec. 3rd 10-4
Sunday, Dec. 4th 1-5
Blackhawk Hardware – Park Road Shopping Center
To learn more about sweet Grier and his amazing family read here.

Dee is a dear friend and neighbor and you should not miss this incredible jewelry sale 
if you are in Charlotte!
Everything is at or below wholesale and if you bring a friend you and your friend both get 10% off!
And a portion of all the proceeds will go to Mercy Ministries.
You can see her beautiful website here 
 is the invite open to anyone.
Artist Info
ee Reid’s career as a successful artist and designer spans ten years and covers multiple mediums including pottery, mosaics, painted home accessories and now an exquisite line of jewelry. She designs and distributes one of the Southeast’s best-selling jewelry lines, Dee Reid Designs.
Dee’s unique style is beautiully represented in the selection of quality stones and the finest craftsmanship. Her trademark design is the perfectly graduated multi-strand necklace. Each piece is one of a kind in both design and composition.

 fun happenings all the way around!
Blessings on your day,

Nov 29, 2011

grace and hindsight

I feel like I keep sharing stories about how I see God's hand
in what's happening with Multiple Blessings.
I am. I can't help but share.
But please know that what I share is not about me,
but rather me squealing with joy about what He's doing through me.
I am just along for the ride and blessed to be on the journey.
Thank you for your sweet messages and words and encouragement and support and friendship.
Thanks to many of you for being with me every step of the way.
Thank you for noticing what He is doing with what started
as a humble greeting card business from this small studio.
I have talked about hindsight so much in this journaling space and I will again here.
Looking back two summers ago, we drove down to Seabrook Island
to watch the end camp performance and pick up William from St. Christopher.
I happened to sit next to a precious mom whose son had been in William's cabin.
Her name was Anne. We chatted and traded contact info and visited for a bit.
It was a wonderful performance and we parted ways and headed back to our homes in different states.
We actually did stay in touch through e-mail and she began following this little ol' blog.
She had told me that her sister in law lived in Charlotte
and that she would love my products and suggested we meet at some point.
Joyce reached out and we met and she too has become a sweet reader and supporter here.
Several months later Anne came to Charlotte and visited Joyce
and brought her very talented 8 year old daughter who is extremely artistic.
We had a nice time at my house and they enjoyed seeing my studio and talking "art" and life.
Anne mentioned a dear friend of hers who she has known since childhood, named Heidi.
Anne said that she thought Heidi and I should meet one day ....she said we even resemble each other and that we have similar personalities. She also said Heidi worked for a manufacturer who had a showroom in Atlanta...Grace Management. It rang a bell and I told her I would try and go by the showroom (last July) and meet her. I actually did just that, and boy am I glad God stirred my heart to go by there during that busy market weekend. Heidi and I really hit it off. So much so that we talked and gabbed and visited for a very long time in their showroom and then shared a meal the next day.
You may remember me mentioning Heidi here
I met the president of Grace Management and was so impressed with their "purpose"
(read the bottom left statement)

 their story and some of the great things that they are doing with their products.
Blessing others through the sales of the products.
 I remember thinking, "what an awesome company...I'd like to work with people who do this."
But I also remember that they have never worked with a licensed artist before.
Didn't matter though because I was just enjoying Heidi
and learning all about her and Grace Management and their brands.
So fast forward a bit.
Grace Management asked me to partner with them and design for Bridgewater Candle Co.
candle tins/candle packaging
votives/votive packaging
sachet packs
fragrance diffusers
Heidi's title on her business card is "Creator of Cool" and boy is that true!!!
She can pull together showrooms like nobody's business.
I hear she's a pretty amazing interior decorator for her "other job" too!
She is amazing and fun and talented and kind and funny and oh my does she ever love Jesus!
Once again so blessed to work awesome people.
Recently Heidi was in China and flew from there to Charlotte
and we had a great meeting here in the studio
choosing art and meanwhile my kids were playing in the back yard and they totally fell in love with her and didn't want to her to leave. Now they are asking when Heidi can come back to play.
She's just special that way.

sooooooooo, when I look back all I can say is
thank you Lord...
thank you for placing this sweet child in William's cabin that summer,
and me next to his precious mama,
and then for her reading this crazy journal,
and then for her to insist that I meet Heidi,
and for Heidi to tell Grace Management they should partner with me
and select me as their first licensed artist.
good stuff.
great stuff.
I want to notice details like this.
It's not just another contract.
God planned this one, just like He did this one.
Life is fast, I don't want to miss the tiny things that are really big things
so thank you for allowing me to journal that here.
Stay tuned for details as things progress....
products will not be coming out until January 2013
but oh my, they are gonna' be wonderful.
Thrilled and honored to be a part of this and partnering with another manufacturer who "gets it."
They are doing good stuff and making a difference.
Touching lives with products that have meaning.
thank you God
thank you God
thank you God

Nov 28, 2011

Charlotte Today

I have been asked to make a tv appearance on Charlotte Today 
next Tuesday, December 6th at 11:00am. 
They have asked me to come share my story about being a licensed artist 
and my partnership with Magnet Works, Ltd. 
which you may remember the amazing story
We'll be discussing how this came to be, the design I painted for Sloan, 
and showing the first ever peek at the products.
The sweet folks at Magnet Works are sending me a few samples to show during the segment,
which is super nice since they do not officially launch in the showrooms until January 2012.
Our hope is that this stirs community support...retailers will want to carry and sell the products 
and consumers here will want to purchase them. 
Knowing how many lives have been touched by Sloan's story
I can only imagine that our community will have open hearts 
and will do all they can to bless this endeavor. 
Yes, I am nervous and not looking forward to a live tv interview, 
but know this will do nothing but bring good to all involved...
and I know Sloan would want me to.
It does my heart good knowing that such a great portion of the sales from these products 
will go directly to The Sloan Chambers Fund at Levine Children's Hospital
which will help the fight against pediatric cancer.
So I hope you'll watch, root for me and pray for for me to be calm 
and just focus on this amazing opportunity to share these products 
which will bless many and will allow Sloan to be remembered.

Nov 27, 2011

coastal Thanksgiving & winner

Abundant blessings shared over Thanksgiving at Edisto once again. 
So fortunate to build memories here.
It's insane how much fun we had and how beautiful this place is. 
 We slept in some (such a treat) and woke early other mornings...
Unfortunately my sweet man was sick and he woke early because he couldn't sleep...
which turned into a blessing because
he took these amazing photos at sunrise on Thanksgiving morning.
g l o r i o u s
we rode bikes, walked, ran, played golf and sat in beach chairs...
we jumped....serious jumps at the beach...
love these shots of the kids!


pure joy playing with grandparents
and the magic of the ocean never gets old or too cold...
we cooked and baked and ate...the boys always make apple pies with Mom 

making wishes...and building fairy castles in the live oaks
and on the ground 
William had special boat time with Dad and caught a big Redfish 
which he cleaned and cooked for dinner.
it's easy to give thanks here; bountiful goodness everywhere I look.
So much to be thankful for....
and even though I am surrounded by several sweet friends 
who are hurting and enduring sorrow...
I am aware that as I spend time with them,
they can seem to see goodness and gratefulness in the midst of terrible pain.
They have courage and strength I can barely believe and yet I know their source for joy in sorrow.
Really the only way to have joy during these earthy trials.

My hope is that you too had a glorious Thanksgiving. 
And I know you may want to know who won the Thanksgiving give away.
Thanks to everyone who commented...loved reading what you are most thankful for too!
Winner #13 was chosen here and so congratulations to 

gfolk said...

I love ALL your giveaways, but I really love the variety in this one. As a person who sews, I really love the pincushion!
Gina, please e-mail me at and we'll work out the details!

And if you didn't win this time, there will be more chances soon!

Nov 21, 2011

Thanksgiving give away!

Thanks to sweet Meg and Kimberlee for featuring me
on the WHATEVER Craft Weekend spotlight (will be live on Tuesday).
We've got a fun Thanksgiving give away just for you for the long weekend!
If you're visiting here at Designing For The Soul, I hope you'll peek around and read some posts.
I am a mother of four, a licensed artist, and so, so thankful to be doing what I love.
Lots happening here in the studio.... and with news like this and this and this
we should be seeing lots of new Multiple Blessings products around the US in the new year!
Praises! Thank you for sharing the journey with me.
My hope is that they bring joy and blessings and faith into your homes and into mine too!
So the Thanksgiving giveaway package includes:
-two products I designed for Wellspring...
*the Sticky Block notes (750 stickies!)
(Be Thankful, Scatter Joy, Spread Peace, Always Hopeful) on the 4 sides
*Scatter Joy magnetic notepad
*Be Still and Know bookmark
*Mason Jar Pin Cushion I made using the fabric 
I designed for Robert Kaufman
*Sassy Sneezes I designed for Manual Woodworkers and Weavers....mirrored tissue tins (refillable!)
And here's a coupon code to shop Tiny Prints...
 new Multiple Blessings' Christmas designs have here and here
Code: FF6CXF7A66 
The 2011 Friends and Family offer is $5 off any Stationery order, stackable with any other stackable promo. Excludes Mint Tins and William Arthur Products. One-time use per customer.
Code is valid beginning Oct. 15, 2011 through Dec. 1, 2011

Thank you Meg and Kimberlee for the sweet feature and welcome new readers!

For a chance to win:
do any of the following but if you do more than one, 
do them separately so you have more chances to win! Enter as many times as you like!

*leave a comment letting us know what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving!
*leave a sweet comment about why you love this giveaway 
*link to this giveaway on Facebook
*Tweet about this give away
* Post about this give away on your own blog
*Like Multiple Blessings by Caroline Simas on Facebook
*Visit Meg's blog WHATEVER and let her know how great it is!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!
ONE LUCKY WINNER will be randomly selected by
The winner will be announced Monday, November 28th!!!

t h a n k s

t  h  a  n  k  s  
I have such a heavy heart these days-
heavy because it's full of thanks, 
full of thanksgiving.
full of joy.
full of gratitude.
for the big things.
for the little things.
for life.
for love.
This vintage bottle with the number 4 in my windowsill...
a gentle reminder of the gift of 4 healthy children. 
My new favorite book.
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp
deep, very deep.
so deep in fact I have to re-read passages
but it kept me yearning for more.
No one receives the peace of God without giving thanks to God.
Thankfulness is the deep, contented breath of Peacefulness.

I highly recommend this book. 
It's gripping and full of truth.

Thanks be to God from whom ALL blessings flow.
Happy Thanksgiving
Will see you back here next week.

Nov 20, 2011

on inspiration and thankfulness

Have been playing with color and texture lately. 
The fall surroundings here have inspired new color palettes, 
new paintings and new verses I have not used before with my art.
It all seems fresh, invigorating and alive.
I am enjoying it and thank you for allowing me to share it with you.
All the paintings below will be available 
Tuesday by noon at Cotswold Marketplace

This one is called
up close details...
and listening to THIS while in the studio...
This one is called SHINE
and was painted based on Isaiah 60:1.

 Arise, shine for your light has come, 
and the glory of the Lord has risen above you. 
once again, loving my new metallic paints...

This one is called ETERNAL
and was painted based on John 3:16.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Can you see the metallic silver shimmering on the angle?
I was interviewed recently about what inspires me and why I dabble in so many various forms of art... watercolor, gouache, acrylic, mixed media, pen and ink, and more. Here are two excerpts from that...
“I am most inspired by God’s creation…I love noticing details in nature’s smallest places. I see the extraordinary in the ordinary…water droplets on flower petals, the color palette of the sunset, the chartreuse green of a granny smith apple, the intricate pattern of a monarch butterfly, heart shaped rocks. I am also inspired by architectural detail when I travel and have snapped thousands of photos to remember them. Our four children often inspire my art…it’s just more beautiful to see the world through the eyes of a child.”

“I don’t know that I’ll ever stop evolving as an artist or discovering techniques for my designs. I have a passion for trying new mediums and mixing them in various ways. While my art may have a recognizable style and niche I will always experiment with color and technique to keep my designs fresh and inspiring. I feel strongly about connecting my faith with my art. After all, the talent came from God in the first place, so I want to honor Him and use this gift wisely. I am fortunate to partner with several manufacturers who understand my passion for this and enjoy providing uplifting products in the marketplace. It makes me smile knowing I am a part of spreading joy and faith through my art and these products, multiplying blessings and touching lives.”

My hope is that the products I design will fill your home with joy and peace. I pray that each recipient will experience God’s love then pass it on to someone else. Each day is a gift, so scatter joy, smile often and look for opportunities to bless others!

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for so many things including you, the readers of DESIGNING FOR THE SOUL. You are so kind to want to read this journal of mine...there are so many other things you could be doing. I am grateful you feel inspired here too. You have told me so, and that makes my heart feel blessed. Truly. My hope is that you know that this place is a place I feel free to share. I do not claim to be a pastor, rather very far from it....I fall short every single day. This is a place I try to share glimpses of His goodness and grace through my art which I recognize as a gift from Him, not myself. This is a place to share bits of family happenings and what is happening with my art and the amazing companies I am so fortunate to partner with. Thank you for walking along side me since this very first post. If you're new here, thank you for jumping in whenever you did, and for those just popping in for a visit, thank you too. 
More on thankfulness and gratitude tomorrow. 
xoxo,  Caroline 

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