Sep 29, 2011

Sloan and Finally Free

This week rocked my world. 
Literally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 
I was blessed to be an active part in the Chambers home this week 
and it was an honor and privilege to help this family during such a tragic time. 
Our care for them really is just beginning.
Sloan's service was today and it was beautiful, truly beautiful.
Her precious grandmother wrote Sloan's obituary and I want to share some of her amazing words...
"On Monday, September 26th at 3:39pm Sloan stopped dying and began living." 
I have never seen so many youth in pain though 
and these teens really aren't quite sure what to do with all of their emotions. 
Earlier in the week our church and youth pastors did an amazing job 
allowing them to express anything they may be feeling as we mourn the loss of sweet Sloan. 

I pray for rest and so many other things for the Chambers family.
I am craving rest too. 
Not just the physical kind but the other kind too. 
And so I've pulled this back out...
REST Nancy McGuirk, one of my favorites.

I think that is just what the doctor ordered.
And like I said here, may we remember that every day is in fact a gift.
And I was thinking that Sloan is finally free from mast cell leukemia, finally free from pain.
For that we are grateful. 
I am thankful to you also for your patience with me while I was away. 
And to thank you and in memory of Sloan 
I want to give away one yard of this pattern 
I designed for Robert Kaufman fabrics.
It's from my FINALLY FREE collection. 
You may remember why I named it that here.
For a chance to win,
simply leave a comment here telling us how Sloan's story impacted you.
You can read more here and here and here.
One winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday.
Blessings on your weekend.

Sep 25, 2011


I am convinced that the incredible down pouring of rain this weekend 
was in fact the Lord weeping on all of Charlotte over Sloan Chambers.
And the lyrics of this beautiful song is all I keep hearing
as I cannot wrap my head around why this precious child has suffered.
I am going to take this week off from the blog and focus on loving this family and my own.
Go hug yours a little tighter and remember that each day is in fact a gift from God.
May we really remember that each day as our feet hit the floor.
click here if you can't see the video

This beautiful girl began dancing with Jesus at 3:39pm today. 
I was so blessed to be able to spend time by her side before her dance and after as well. 
We are grieving and weeping but heaven is rejoicing.
Please go leave love for this wonderful family here.

Sloan Preston Chambers, rest in peace.
We love you!

Sep 22, 2011


Have a peace filled weekend....
©Caroline Simas
This original 16" circle peace mixed media is for sale through me so please e-mail to inquire about price.
and don't forget... my post from yesterday HERE

I have one signed copy of her awesome book for one lucky winner this weekend!!!
Who wants to be inspired?
Check out Shayne's website here.

For a chance to win...
do any of the following but if you do more than one, 
do them separately so you have more chances to win!
*leave a comment about how you or your kids 
or someone you know has made a difference 
in the world

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Blessings for a wonderful weekend,

Sep 21, 2011

Global Soccer Mom and a great give away!

I had the pleasure of meeting the very sweet and compassionate 
She's a global thinker and speaks and teaches about how you, yes you, we...ALL of us
can be global thinkers too from our very own homes. 
She's a stay at home mom who wants other moms to know 
that while we're busy raising children we can still make a difference in the world 
without leaving the country and traveling to far away places in need.  
Her story was intriguing and it was quite powerful to hear how God gently led her 
to this place of global advocacy of becoming a voice for those living in poverty.
She reminds us that there is no need to be rich or famous to make a difference. 
Rather, she believes and inspires women all over to make a difference right where they are.

Here's a bit more on Shayne:
Shayne Moore is an author, blogger, speaker, mama of three, and outspoken advocate in the fight against extreme poverty and Global AIDS. Shayne is one of the original members of the ONE Campaign, The Campaign to Make Poverty History ( and sits on the executive board of directors for Upendo Village, an HIV/AIDS clinic in Kenya ( and Growers First. ( Shayne has written for ONE’s blog, Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership, FullFill, a digital magazine, and for her personal blog. Shayne is a member of Redbud Writers Guild. (
Shayne is an ordinary, full-time “soccer mom” who joined the ONE Campaign at its inception and who represents the heart of the movement. Shayne is an original member of DGAAN, Dupage Glocal AIDS Action Network, an advocacy group in her hometown. She was chosen to attend the G8 Summit as a delegate to both Gleneagles, Scotland in 2005, and to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2006, to urge World Leaders to keep their promises to Africa and fully fund AIDS initiatives. In 2007 Shayne was featured in a commercial with Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Matt Damon. Shayne has been interviewed by CNN, NBC, and was quoted and pictured in The Wall Street Journal (2006). Shayne traveled to Capitol Hill for a photo shoot which was featured in the Africa issue of Vanity Fair (July 2007) with ONE members such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Pastor Rick Warren, Matt Damon, and NAACP chairman Julian Bond. Shayne has traveled to Honduras and to Africa twice to see first-hand the devastating effects of AIDS and extreme poverty on communities.
Shayne was raised in Wheaton, IL. She graduated from Wheaton College in 1992 and moved to Los Angeles during the riots to teach school in the inner city. After returning home Shayne slowly completed a Master of Arts in Theology while her children were babies. Shayne still lives in Wheaton with her husband John and three children, JD (14), Greta (12) and Thomas (9) spending most of her days driving carpool and doing mountains of laundry.
Don't you just love it!
And how cool that she knows Bono, lead singer of U2.

Well my William reminds me a lot of Shayne. 
His compassionate heart led him to start a lemonade stand for his 8th birthday.
Now four years later, he's raised over $6000 for local charities.
You may remember this from hereherehere and here.
He had an autobiography assignment this week for school 
and wrote "I have an interest in making a difference in people's lives."
I truly think my heart did a summersault when I read that.
The editor of the Charlotte Weekly newspaper called last week and asked to interview William.
The article is supposed to be in the paper tomorrow (Thurs, Sept. 22)
so if you are in Charlotte, take a peek and please save a copy for me!
William hopes the article will inspire more kids to try and make a difference. 
Shayne hopes to inspire women everywhere to become educated, informed global thinkers.
I think these two should have lunch, don't you?
and get this......
I have one signed copy of her awesome book for one lucky winner this weekend!!!
Who wants to be inspired?
Check out Shayne's website here.

For a chance to win...
do any of the following but if you do more than one, 
do them separately so you have more chances to win!
*leave a comment about how you or your kids 
or someone you know has made a difference 
in the world

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Blessings for a wonderful weekend,

Sep 20, 2011

raising daughters

Last Thursday night my sweet friend Grey and I attended this event at Calvary Church.
We had coffee and this delicious edible chocolate cup filled with mousse (yum)
while we listened to one of my favorite Christian authors, Elizabeth George
She spoke about her book
Raising A Daughter After God's Own Heart
which you can purchase here
Had a quick visit with her, gave her some of the 
and had a picture together. 
Sweet lady and what a testimony!

And bought this for our twin's geared toward girls 8-12.
You can purchase it here.
Not sure about you, but I am always game for parenting advice!
Check back in soon....
I met another amazing author yesterday 
who I can't wait to tell you about!
I'll be giving away one signed copy of her new book 
this weekend!!!!
I humbly ask for your prayers for my dear friend Kate's daughter who is battling 
mast cell leukemia. 
She's the first pediatric patient with this in the world!!!!
You may have read about her here and here and here
She's amazing, mature, beautiful inside and out!
No one should be dealing with this horrific illness.
She's 14 years young.
She's smart, she's a reader, a knitter and a lacrosse player.
She's a believer and she needs our prayers.
Bless you.

Sep 18, 2011

being the hands, feet and eyes...

Hi sweet readers! Hope you had a glorious weekend. 
I can't say mine was glorious all the way around because I slept on a church floor for both nights 
but in so many ways it really was glorious.
We had 78 eighth graders and 20 adults go on a mission trip to Asheville, NC.
God was soooooo there and it was amazing to watch these youth grow on their faith journey.
We talked a lot about compassion.
We talked a lot about being the hands, and feet and eyes that God calls us to be in this world.

We painted, we cleaned, we served, we bonded.
We walked the "true story walk" of a former homeless man in Asheville.
 He had started at the top as a successful physician...
but and alcohol, drugs led to homelessness and despair.
He was among one of the blessed to receive the help he needed 
and is now happily married, gainfully employed 
and he speaks regularly to folks in Asheville about his story and experiences.
We played silly games and laughed a lot.
We enjoyed our small group time.
We made art (which you know I loved) 
and they were all so unique and special just like each of these kids.
We learned so much about being the hands and feet and eyes of Christ in the world.
What an honor and privilege to be a part of their journey and grow my own in the process.
And I didn't forget....the winners for this weekend's give away are:
kbmcdonald said...

Hey You! Love it, love it!
Ashley L Cheek said...
Caroline, I saw some of your beautiful stuff featured at the coffee shop of Selywn... I love the skinit! God is really using in incredible ways!

Please e-mail me and send me your addresses!

Sep 15, 2011

Butterflies, Focus Up...and a give away!

Hi sweet readers!
Here's a new butterfly mixed media piece on textured gray. 
I love the simplicity and color palette on this one, do you?
 Sorry, this one has already gone to a new owner  
but there will be more soon from the studio, each one different of course!
One of our caterpillars transformed into a beautiful swallowtail this week! 
Not the best picture, but I captured a quick snap just before she flew up, up and away!
Speaking of up...
this week I want to give away TWO of the 
FOCUS UP skins I designed for iphone 4s for SKINIT
This is what it would look like on your phone!
Reminding you to do what I say on the design...
Dream big and reach for the sky!

Don't you love free stuff? Of course you do!
Yippee! Spread the word...
To participate:
do any of the following but if you do more than one, 
do them separately so you have more chances to win!
*leave a sweet comment about why you love this giveaway
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Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend.
You have an extra day to enter!!!!!!!!
Two winners will be randomly selected by

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Sep 14, 2011

New signature logo

Multiple Blessings has a new and improved signature logo montage 
thanks to my graphic design expert, Tracey.
Let us know what you think?
I think it screams 
and I love the color combination 
using much of the latest art I have been creating here in the studio.
What do you think?
We'd love to hear from you!

and....oh my, our first Bible Study of the fall was today. 
It was super powerful and convicting. Met some amazing women. 
Laughed, cried, prayed.
We're studying the book of James on enduring trials. 
Did you know that the word various translates to "polka dotted."
And joy translates into calm delight/stability...
because we trust God will use our trial to grow us and mature us in faith.
Yes, our life was not promised to be a rose garden, but occasionally polka dotted with various trials. 
But by trusting in God, we will have the strength to endure those trials with courage and hope and trust.
Someone brought the most amazing cupcakes ever for us...yes, polka dotted ones and almond flavored!
And get this....have you ever heard of a give away at a Bible Study? 
They always have a couple of small treats to give out and 
I won a give away gift card to the Polka Dot Bake Shop!
because I had the most children with the oldest in the foursome. Hilarious!
Blessings on your day...

Sep 13, 2011

photo shoot

As I have written here before, I would MUCH rather....sooooooo much rather 
be the person BEHIND the camera and not in front of it. 
But a few manufacturers  I am partnering with are asking for snapshots and bios and such so instead of a boring headshot, my photographer friend Ali and I decided to make it FUN!
You can follow Ali on her blog called Be Inspired and also her Facebook page...
You should, she's a great mama and oh so talented with the camera!
And my dear friend Kate, Sloan's awesome mother, let me borrow my all time favorite bike....
the heart pattern made by Electra.
I really did not want to return this beauty. 
Unfortunately Electra does not make the heart pattern any longer.
Yes, I have already contacted Electra to see if they license artists and they do not. 
How much I would LOVE to design a bike or two 
or a whole collection for that matter with my art on them.
Can't you imagine some of my patterns on bicycles? I can, I can!
So here are a few of my favorite snaps from the photo shoot. 
Who doesn't love a bicycle basket filled with fresh flowers and original art?
And no, I do not normally ride bikes in strapless sundresses with jewelry and floral sandals 
carrying art and fabric samples....
but oooooooooh how much fun we had 
pretending that I do.
Unfortunately my boys were not home when this happened 
but I had two girls who were so they jumped in for a few snaps.
and Ali took a few of me in action after a quick visit to the studio
to put on my favorite apron and get covered in paint
which is ironically how I dress most days and ...what makes me the happiest. 
Yep, creating this art I love.... to share with others makes me smile this big.
I am hearing more and more from you, my sweet readers that my art makes you smile too.
And so thank you for sharing in this journey and coming along with me on this ride.
It's as if we're heading out on a bike ride together spreading joy and delivering love.
I'll be talking more about delivering love and more about bicycles soon, but in a different capacity
so check back in for more peeks.
Now get out there and LOVE whatever it is that YOU do 
and look for opportunities to bless others in the process.
That's really the greatest reward of all. 

other inspiring posts...