Aug 31, 2011

new friends on the way...

What do you think? 
Newly created pattern using the recently painted butterflies from here.
Love the color palette and it jus makes me happy, how about you?
©Caroline Simas 
Sweet friend Stella dropped off these 4 new friends to my kids last week 
and oh my how quickly they have fattened up!
Stella, can you please share with us what type of butterflies these will be?...I can't remember.

They have eaten a lot of parsley and are almost ready to form their chrysalis.
Like THIS.
Oh, we can't wait to see what they'll look like!
Perhaps I may have to paint more butterflies....twist my arm.
Have updated my PINTEREST BOARDS if you'd like to hop on over.
This site is absolutely overflowing with inspiration.
For all you other moms out there,
does your hand hurt yet from filling out all the back to school paperwork?????
Yikes! I think I may have memorized the 10 digit health insurance codes....enough already!
Praise report!
William's Lemonade Stand is up to $2070 as of today!
You can see pictures from that special day here and here.
If you'd still like to help donations will be accepted through this Friday!

Stella answered my question and commented in the comment section below
but I am posting here for you to read:
One of ours has formed its chrysalis... I watched yesterday and was amazed! I have collected these caterpillars each year in a jar since I was about 5 years old, well maybe not during my teenage and college years! I have never seen the actual transformation into the chrysalis, it was such a treat for me yesterday. They will become Black Swallowtail butterflies, you can google the images and even can see a female compared to a male. I dropped 5 jars of about 4 each at school last week for some classes. I was not lucky enough to have that many in my yard, the Farmers market on Kings Drive has tons on their parsley... if any bloggers would like some for themselves, I am positive that the sweet people at the market would prefer the caterpillars to have a new home than on their plants, just be sure to have LOTS of parsley to feed them!
So happy that y'all are enjoying your new pets!
xoxoxo, Stella 

Aug 30, 2011


Working like crazy on some great new art for a big summer launch for summer 2012.
Hope to be able to tell you more soon! Yippee! Praises!
wanna peek?

Great evening tonight here and will be doing a fall Bible Study on James there this fall.
It's going to be awesome.
Also blessed to be a part of a special event there in October.
Many, many thanks again to all of you who contributed to
for Samaritan's Feet. 
We're up to $1987 so if you'd like to help William exceed $2000, let us know.

Aug 29, 2011


Yep, I've told you....
I keep seeing them everywhere!
do you see the heart?
Perhaps you can see it here.
Hearts like that  inspire hearts like this:
open the eyes of my heart, Lord like you did here
Send me pictures of the hearts you spot out and about your city and neighborhood.
Let's have a scavenger hunt for hearts...why don't we?
They are everywhere!

Aug 28, 2011

THANK YOU! and winners...

from the bottoms of our hearts!
What an incredible turn out we had Saturday
for William's 4th annual Lemonade and Cookie Stand!
You have sweet, kind, loving, generous hearts...yes you do!
Thanks to many of you who came and either donated money to Samaritan's Feet,
or new shoes to this cause, or you donated baked goods which we sold out of...yay!
Some of you don't even know us and you mailed checks to us Samaritan's Feet.
Bless you sweet folks!
William did a great job with marketing and delivered flyers all over last week 
and many of his friends helped to prepare for the big event.
We made just over 20 gallons of iced cold lemonade...whew!
Harris Teeter donated lots of cookies and although most of them were frozen 
and we had to bake them and bag them, we were so grateful for the donation. 
We bagged over  600 cookies!!!!
I printed labels and bought a ton of sandwich baggies 
and it was like a little cookie factory in my house last week, I tell ya'!

Sweet friends  and family donated delicious homemade treats too!
We appreciated the homemade, the store bought, all of it!
Here are just some great new shoes you donated for Samaritan's Feet!
Thank you!
 William's good friend Patrick helped again this year and has helped all four years.
Charlotte & Sarah Grace were thrilled to help too. 
Neighbors and friends came out in packs and many just stayed all day in our front yard
helping serve, hold signs and flag down cars.
William's awesome teacher even came by with her cutie pie 
who loved our sugar cookies.
William always has such great friends who come to support him and it means so much.

we had folks who biked on over....
cool cars loaded sweet friends came by too....
baseball coaches came by to support the effort as well...
and David gave John Deer tractor rides toward the end of the day which was a big hit!
The kids found this praying mantis during the day they were so excited.
It reminded me that we prayed over this event.
And thanks to all of you, 
we're thrilled to report that so far 
William's Lemonade and Cookie Stand 2011 
raised a total of $1947!!!!!!!
We have had some folks say they could not make it and still want to contribute 
so William will be accepting checks this week through Friday.
If you feel called to contribute, please make your tax-deductible check made out to Samaritan's Feet 
and mail to 
2036 Ferncliff Road
Charlotte, NC 28211
We'd love to donate over $2000, 
so let us know if you can help us meet that goal.
We're sooooo close!
Thank you, bless you, thank you!
We are so grateful and Samaritan's Feet is going to be thrilled beyond words.
If you want to see the entire set of pictures, click here.


the winners for this week's give away are:
Simone de Klerk said...

What a beautiful skin! Happy and bright (o:
A makeover for my iPhone4 (o:
LOVE your other designs too. They make life happy.
Mary on Lake Pulaski said...
Sorry I couldn't make it to the lemonade stand, but I am here to say that I'd love a new skin for my soon to be purchased Iphone!

Congratulations to the winners this week!
Please e-mail me at with your addresses.

Have a wonderful week!

Aug 26, 2011

week # 3 skinit give away! & William's Lemonade Stand!

Opps! With the start of school and preparing for our big event tomorrow
I forgot to add our weekend give away. 
Here is the design up this one. 
So bright and cheery and love that you can see the hand-paintedness of each element.

Here it is in case you'd like to enter for a chance to win. 
This week we have TWO iphone 4 skins I designed for SKINIT
You can find them HERE along with the other design styles.

Don't you love free stuff? Of course you do!
Yippee! Spread the word...
To participate:
do any of the following but if you do more than one, 
do them separately so you have more chances to win!
*leave a sweet comment about why you love this giveaway
*link to this giveaway on Facebook
*Tweet about this give away
* Post about this give away on your own blog
Have a beautiful weekend...
see you here Monday morning! 
I have some fun news and blog entries for next week!
For my 4th annual
Lemonade & Cookie Stand
This year ALL PROCEEDS will go to
How can you help?
**********donate any cookies or baked goods individually wrapped
or a full cake(s) from the grocery

**********donate $ (any amount is greatly appreciated!)
Please make all checks to Samaritan’s Feet.
This is a tax-deductible gift!
Bring your checks to the Lemonade Stand
or mail to 2036 FERNCLIFF ROAD CHARLOTTE, NC 28211

**********donate a pair or pairs of NEW sneakers ADULTS OR KIDS sizes.
Bring them with you to the Lemonade Stand on August 27th

**********ALL OF THE ABOVE!
Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!
William Simas (age 11)

Aug 25, 2011

more on feathers

Remember here I spoke of wings and painted feathers?
Well I have more for you today.
New designs in the making for a client...
tell me what you think.

Three sweet blog readers who do not know each other but all know me,
were kind enough to send this along knowing I would love it.
So I must share with you and yes, we will be using this scripture with some of my bird designs
for upcoming product development.
Bless you for sharing!

Psalm 91:4 
He will cover you with his feathers.
He will shelter you with his wings.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

Aug 24, 2011

ignoring the call does not work

So I was asked a while ago to help lead 8th grade confirmation 
this year at our church for the rising 8th graders 
and I tell ya', I tried and tried to ignore that call. 
I tried to put my fingers in my ears but that didn't work. 
I tried to make excuses but that did not work. 
As terrible as this sounds, I basically tried to ignore God's call/His plan for me.
God was clearly calling me to get out of my comfort zone 
and help with this awkward age group of young teens.
You remember this awkward age I mention, don't you?
Trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in this world.
So concerned about appearance and image...
and most of them are beginning to show signs of acne. 
Concerned about saying just the right things in just the right way.
Acting "oh so cool" and pretending many times that their parents do not exist.
Don't get me wrong, this age can certainly have great moments and fun times, 
but I do find it the most challenging so far....and we're not even to driving yet!
So the other day I was using my stamps for a mixed media piece 
and I needed the letters GOD to finish "Be still and know that I am GOD." Psalm 46:10
So after I pulled the letters and finished the project 
I looked in the tin and noticed the three missing letters.

Then it struck me, GOD was missing. 
Has God ever been missing in your life?
He was missing in this case, because I was ignoring His call. 
Trying to ignore the fact that He wanted me involved in this
specifically because I find this age challenging.
Because He wants me out of my comfort zone so I can grow and learn.
Saying yes is not always easy. 
This means lots of meetings, gatherings and commitment. 
This means small group leadership and some preparation. 
This means a weekend retreat in Asheville when I really hoped to be here.
But I have to say, we had our fist gathering last Sunday and it was GREAT! 
Could not have been better. I am out of my comfort zone, 
but I know I am where He wants me 
and I know He'll teach me as much or more than these teens.
So I placed the G, the O and the D back into my stamp tin 
and I am keeping them there. I do not want them missing, do you?
Anyone else feeling the challenge of raising young teens 
and feeling conflicted with being called 
to do something out of your comfort zone?
Would love to hear from you.



to come
For my 4th annual
Lemonade & Cookie Stand
This year ALL PROCEEDS will go to
How can you help?
*donate any cookies or baked goods individually wrapped
or a full cake(s) from the grocery

*donate $ (any amount is greatly appreciated!)
Please make all checks to Samaritan’s Feet.
This is a tax-deductible gift!
Bring your checks to the Lemonade Stand
or mail to 2036 FERNCLIFF ROAD CHARLOTTE, NC 28211

*donate a pair or pairs of NEW sneakers ADULTS OR KIDS sizes.
Bring them with you to the Lemonade Stand on August 27th


Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!
William Simas (age 11)

Aug 23, 2011

recycle art!

One of my sweet blog readers, Gina, just had a craft session with her kids 
and they created the most awesome things using recycled materials!
She has allowed me to share her creativity with you...
I mean, how cute and creative is this? Can you stand it?
oh my, the nest!
and the flowers!!!!
ahhhhh, and the sunshine! What a fun way to wrap up summer!
Go do this with your is such fun!!!!
You may remember we did that here a while ago. 
All you need is recycled materials, a hot glue gun and creative imagination!
Such fun!

Aug 22, 2011

new mixed media & summer wrap up!

So I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon recently thanks to my new friend Hannah
You can follow me here on Pinterest if you'd like. 
It's an amazing place full of inspiration and one can get lost in it all. 
Franky, I have not had much time to create my boards or pins but will add to them eventually.
I had seen folks try this crayon melt on Pinterest before 
but then my blogger friend Meg tried this recently too, 
so I decided to make an enormous one with a faith message to sell here at FABO
and then my girls really wanted to each make a small one for their rooms. 
It was such fun! They are all one of a kind; you can't recreate them the same if you tried.
I found this wonderful Irish blessing about a rainbow and added it to this mixed media. 
May God give you
For every storm a rainbow,
For every tear a smile.
For every care a promise
and a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh a sweet song
and an answer to each prayer.
You can scoot over to FABO and scoop this 20x20 up for yourself
or you can try it yourself at home.
I fell in love with crayons early on; still love them so, don't you?
Here are some snaps of the process with my girls.
Do be careful, the melting wax can spray on you if you are not careful! 
I always us a shower curtain liner on the floor just in case.
Line up the crayons in just the order they want. Anything goes!
Then hot glue them carefully. We did this so that the interesting names of the colors show at the top. 
Crayola has them listed in English and Spanish.
Use the hairdryer to melt the crayons and again, be careful that it does not burn you!
We found that if you blow from the top down, it works even better than this, 
but be creative and watch your rainbow appear.
They are so excited about these and they proudly hand in their room now.
oh and in the meantime...
open house for school continues, shoe shopping, haircuts,
some rock climbing here at Inner Peaks,

some last minute pool time too....
play time with neighbors exploring nature and finding new friends...
like "Ferncliff" a.k.a. "Cliff" or  "Fern Cliff"....they can't decide.
water balloon fights in the back yard...

and of course some necessary ice cream visits!
so much more this week! Check back in soon!

other inspiring posts...