May 31, 2011

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she lovely? 
Yes that sweet Cindy Ann who I mentioned when I posted 
here about my talented friends.
Hop over and visit her great website and blog and Surtex recap HERE.
She also does the neatest Sketchbook Stories where she features other artists and designers. 
She booked me for September I think...hope she reminds me of the date!
The stories are great and spotlight various artists and their process...
how they work, what inspires them, and their style. Check them out!
By the way, several of my designs are finally supposed to go live this week!!!!!
They have not created an artist bio page for me yet though.
Will let you know when you can see them and shop for them on the Skinit site. 
They turned out great and I can't wait for you to see them.
Do you need a pretty little skin for your phone, laptop, iPad, or other cool technological device?

May 30, 2011

spontaneous trip and family bonding

We are not a spontaneous family...
we are planners by nature and usually know the schedule of events and activities
for our weekends long in advance.
But we had no Memorial Day weekend plans and it just so happened we had no sports,
dance recitals, birthday parties or commitments.
It was David's idea and all his planning
and I am so glad he pushed for us to be spontaneous and head on a family adventure.
Saturday we headed early to the mountains of North Carolina.
First up was Grandfather Mountain.
We saw Mildred the bear, did LOTS and LOTS of hiking,

yep, those are camouflage hats with a touch of pink.
We walked across the mile high bridge (freaked me out but glad I did it!)
No one was scared but me.

they made me so nervous....I could hardy look
and they made fun of me for being such a worried mama.
It always amazes me how beautiful the simplest things are there...the root systems of the trees,

the plants in bloom,

sweet hands discovering it all and sharing it with us.

His creation is simply amazing to me...we really don't have to look far to notice it.

and oh,
Charlotte and I decided to search for heart shaped rocks along the way.
We've decided to add to our collection this summer as we find more.
Do this with your's so much fun!
Aren't they wonderful?
We went to the cutest BBQ place for lunch...
Old Hampton Store and Grist Mill
It was a classic place...filled with old fashioned candy of every sort,

silly gifts, soda bottles in every flavor, and funny signs on the walls.

The food was deeeeeelicious

and the handmade birdhouses that graced the front porch were charming.
Wish I had purchased one of these.

We ended up in Hendersonville, NC at a campsite
after realizing the one we had made a reservation for was not the best place to stay (yikes!)
but we ended up at a great spot for more family bonding.
Yep, all six of us in one huge tent Saturday night,

and badminton, soccer, football, an awesome campfire
and of course, S'MORES.

and lots of late night giggles

We also visited Linville Falls---GORGEOUS!

 We drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at other sites and falls along the way too.
They were all so beautiful! 

 Then we were ready for comfort and a little pampering 
so Sunday we headed to Greenville, SC 
to a beautiful hotel and hot shower!
It had the neatest courtyard attached to the hotel and the kids had a blast 
playing soccer, frisbee, 
and splashing in the stone waterfall.
 Then Sunday night we walked from the hotel to the baseball game.
We saw the Greenville Drive beat Asheville and then enjoyed the nice fireworks show afterwards. 

more bonding...
The stadium is great and is a smaller version of Fenway Park which we loved.
Hot night but great baseball.
They even had an ice cream shop named Sweet Caroline's...
 It was a great weekend 
with lots of laughs, great exercise, beautiful views, good food, funny stories and more. 
The kids had their moments, but it was special just being together...the six of us.
It was nice to just be.
Our cell phones did not have good service which was a blessing, 
there was no crisis at the office or in the studio, 
and there was nothing important we needed to attend. 
These years are flying by and we are realizing more and more that our time with them is so important.
I hope we'll remember to be spontaneous more often.
 Living is more important than planning sometimes, don't you think?
Hope you had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend whatever you did.
Blessings as you begin the week.

May 25, 2011

Anthropologie gorgeousness

I can't wait to share the gorgeousness from the 
which was within walking distance to my hotel in NYC and right at Rockefeller Plaza.
It is my all time favorite store for inspiration and design....pure eye candy to me.
the light fixtures in and of themselves were breath taking...
and multi levels to boot!
these gigantic paper flowers were stunning 
and I wanted so badly to take them to my Surtex booth for my own display
I'm always a sucker for hair accessories 
and went away with this small treasure
beautiful broken tile on the walls
and loved the lacy detail on these dresses
their ceramics are overflowing with colorful detail
more yumminess...
this display was fascinating and made me feel like I was enveloped in sea blue coral and shells
love their beautiful pulls and knobs
my favorites...

loved these rose wallets
oh, and the lamps!
and the one with birds- oh my!
and if there wasn't enough beauty inside, look at what was just outside the door...
and this...
and this...
Do you love Anthro?

May 24, 2011

pausing in prayer

I must pause from all of my good news and happenings to ask in boldness for prayer for three sweet friends battling the thing we all hate...cancer.
Life is busy and life is happening fast and so many great things are going on in my life 
but my head is spinning and my heart is broken for three sweet people we love.
Many of you who read this are already praying for Sloan and will remember her story from here and here
Her latest news is not good, but we are in deep prayer for her, for her family, for her entire medical team and we claim and pray for complete healing. 
Her sweet mama is my dear friend Kate and Sloan is a friend of my oldest son, Walker. 
She is battling mast cell leukemia and is the only recorded pediatric patient in the world with this right now.
I ask and beg for your prayers for this sweet child of God.
An 8th grader and friend of Sloan's, Lucy White, created this youtube video for her. 
It's absolutely beautiful.
Get your tissues out now.
If you cannot see the video below, click here

Mary Bryan Smith is a sweet friend who you may remember from here
She was my personal trainer until I broke a bone in my foot (ughh) 
and then she injured hers so we were a double mess.
She had a double mastectomy today and has a long recovery ahead. 
Please pray for sweet Mary Bryan and her family.
Her faith and strength are so evident in her journaling here.
 And precious 6 year old Grier Christenbury, who is in kindergarten with our Sarah Grace.
Grier has the sweetest spirit and has the BEST attitude!
He was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma in 2007.
You can see his journey here.
His sweet mom, Amy, is a rock. 
I love her brutal honesty about why cancer sucks.
She has been and continues to fight like no one else I have known for a cure for pediatric cancer.
Cookies for Kid's Cancer bake sales all over in honor of Grier
and one very successful one in our neighborhood last Sunday.
I just have to pause and ask for more prayer for these sweet friends.
I am humbled and thankful and know they would be too, if you are willing.

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