Dec 15, 2011

driftwood creations...

I have made a few crosses from driftwood
which we found on the beach here
over Thanksgiving.
Aren't they pretty and so unique?

I collected an entire box full...
 Have made small ones into Christmas ornaments like this
and large ones to hang on a door or wall.

A great reminder of our beach we love so much
and also a reminder of Christ's mercy, grace, forgiveness, and passionate love for us.

I had been inspired when I was shopping here and saw these precious driftwood reindeer ...
aren't they darling?
 and then I just loved the driftwood angels so much too....
 this one came home with me.  
If you find yourself at the beach soon, you should collect some driftwood and try making a few. 
Fun for all ages!
Christmas blessings,

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