Nov 21, 2011

Thanksgiving give away!

Thanks to sweet Meg and Kimberlee for featuring me
on the WHATEVER Craft Weekend spotlight (will be live on Tuesday).
We've got a fun Thanksgiving give away just for you for the long weekend!
If you're visiting here at Designing For The Soul, I hope you'll peek around and read some posts.
I am a mother of four, a licensed artist, and so, so thankful to be doing what I love.
Lots happening here in the studio.... and with news like this and this and this
we should be seeing lots of new Multiple Blessings products around the US in the new year!
Praises! Thank you for sharing the journey with me.
My hope is that they bring joy and blessings and faith into your homes and into mine too!
So the Thanksgiving giveaway package includes:
-two products I designed for Wellspring...
*the Sticky Block notes (750 stickies!)
(Be Thankful, Scatter Joy, Spread Peace, Always Hopeful) on the 4 sides
*Scatter Joy magnetic notepad
*Be Still and Know bookmark
*Mason Jar Pin Cushion I made using the fabric 
I designed for Robert Kaufman
*Sassy Sneezes I designed for Manual Woodworkers and Weavers....mirrored tissue tins (refillable!)
And here's a coupon code to shop Tiny Prints...
 new Multiple Blessings' Christmas designs have here and here
Code: FF6CXF7A66 
The 2011 Friends and Family offer is $5 off any Stationery order, stackable with any other stackable promo. Excludes Mint Tins and William Arthur Products. One-time use per customer.
Code is valid beginning Oct. 15, 2011 through Dec. 1, 2011

Thank you Meg and Kimberlee for the sweet feature and welcome new readers!

For a chance to win:
do any of the following but if you do more than one, 
do them separately so you have more chances to win! Enter as many times as you like!

*leave a comment letting us know what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving!
*leave a sweet comment about why you love this giveaway 
*link to this giveaway on Facebook
*Tweet about this give away
* Post about this give away on your own blog
*Like Multiple Blessings by Caroline Simas on Facebook
*Visit Meg's blog WHATEVER and let her know how great it is!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!
ONE LUCKY WINNER will be randomly selected by
The winner will be announced Monday, November 28th!!!


  1. I am most thankful far my husband and 3 healthy girls!

  2. While we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Oz, I am so thankful every day for the many blessings I have that make my life so great. A wonderful husband and daughters, a great church family, a lovely house and jobs to go to. I take none of it for granted as it can disappear in an instant.

  3. I think it's so neat to see your designs on products other than fabric. It's like sharing that quilty love with non-quilters.

  4. First let me say congrats on all your new adventures. God is awesome. I have been reading but not commmenting each time.
    I am most thankful this Thanksgiving that my daughter has finally found a full time job after 1 1/2" of searching.

  5. I like this giveaway because I like your designs and that pincushion is so sweet.

  6. I went to visit Meg's blog and left a comment. Pretty cool stuff.

  7. I am thankful for my husband and my two daughters. They are my treasure!!

  8. I like Multiple Blessings on Facebook

  9. I like this giveaway because it's cute stuff you designed!!! :)

  10. Hello Caroline!
    I too have twins, 2 sets! and a singleton. I love to design! I am very thankful for my family and that we are all healthy.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!
    Cathy Bronsky

  11. I am thankful that I am loved unconditionally by our God..

  12. I love ALL your giveaways, but I really love the variety in this one. As a person who sews, I really love the pincushion!

  13. Also, posted on Meg's site! Can u tell how badly I want to win? :)

  14. Well, Grace seems like a good place to start being thankful. Actually that is really all there is because without Grace I would have nothing.

  15. Useful, beautiful, made with love, a means of spreading joy and sewing the good seed of God's Word..these are just off the top of my head but how long do you have..I could list a whole lot more!

  16. I'm very thankful for my family and friends. it's always better when we can be together.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  17. i'd love to win this because id totally share the "wealth" with friends and/or family

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  18. I am most thankful for family,friends, and

  19. I am most thankful for my amazing family, wonderful friends, a beutiful daughter whom I adore, my health, freedom, and so many other things that are too numerous to list. I am truly blessed!

  20. I love this giveaway! You are extremely talented! Good luck in all of your future endeavours!

  21. I am thankful for my own four little blessings at home as well as the words you use to remind me daily for what God has given me: Joy, Peace, Hope and Love.

  22. Thank you sweet readers for taking the time to comment!
    Blessings to you all...hope you had a glorious Thanksgiving!


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