Nov 29, 2011

grace and hindsight

I feel like I keep sharing stories about how I see God's hand
in what's happening with Multiple Blessings.
I am. I can't help but share.
But please know that what I share is not about me,
but rather me squealing with joy about what He's doing through me.
I am just along for the ride and blessed to be on the journey.
Thank you for your sweet messages and words and encouragement and support and friendship.
Thanks to many of you for being with me every step of the way.
Thank you for noticing what He is doing with what started
as a humble greeting card business from this small studio.
I have talked about hindsight so much in this journaling space and I will again here.
Looking back two summers ago, we drove down to Seabrook Island
to watch the end camp performance and pick up William from St. Christopher.
I happened to sit next to a precious mom whose son had been in William's cabin.
Her name was Anne. We chatted and traded contact info and visited for a bit.
It was a wonderful performance and we parted ways and headed back to our homes in different states.
We actually did stay in touch through e-mail and she began following this little ol' blog.
She had told me that her sister in law lived in Charlotte
and that she would love my products and suggested we meet at some point.
Joyce reached out and we met and she too has become a sweet reader and supporter here.
Several months later Anne came to Charlotte and visited Joyce
and brought her very talented 8 year old daughter who is extremely artistic.
We had a nice time at my house and they enjoyed seeing my studio and talking "art" and life.
Anne mentioned a dear friend of hers who she has known since childhood, named Heidi.
Anne said that she thought Heidi and I should meet one day ....she said we even resemble each other and that we have similar personalities. She also said Heidi worked for a manufacturer who had a showroom in Atlanta...Grace Management. It rang a bell and I told her I would try and go by the showroom (last July) and meet her. I actually did just that, and boy am I glad God stirred my heart to go by there during that busy market weekend. Heidi and I really hit it off. So much so that we talked and gabbed and visited for a very long time in their showroom and then shared a meal the next day.
You may remember me mentioning Heidi here
I met the president of Grace Management and was so impressed with their "purpose"
(read the bottom left statement)

 their story and some of the great things that they are doing with their products.
Blessing others through the sales of the products.
 I remember thinking, "what an awesome company...I'd like to work with people who do this."
But I also remember that they have never worked with a licensed artist before.
Didn't matter though because I was just enjoying Heidi
and learning all about her and Grace Management and their brands.
So fast forward a bit.
Grace Management asked me to partner with them and design for Bridgewater Candle Co.
candle tins/candle packaging
votives/votive packaging
sachet packs
fragrance diffusers
Heidi's title on her business card is "Creator of Cool" and boy is that true!!!
She can pull together showrooms like nobody's business.
I hear she's a pretty amazing interior decorator for her "other job" too!
She is amazing and fun and talented and kind and funny and oh my does she ever love Jesus!
Once again so blessed to work awesome people.
Recently Heidi was in China and flew from there to Charlotte
and we had a great meeting here in the studio
choosing art and meanwhile my kids were playing in the back yard and they totally fell in love with her and didn't want to her to leave. Now they are asking when Heidi can come back to play.
She's just special that way.

sooooooooo, when I look back all I can say is
thank you Lord...
thank you for placing this sweet child in William's cabin that summer,
and me next to his precious mama,
and then for her reading this crazy journal,
and then for her to insist that I meet Heidi,
and for Heidi to tell Grace Management they should partner with me
and select me as their first licensed artist.
good stuff.
great stuff.
I want to notice details like this.
It's not just another contract.
God planned this one, just like He did this one.
Life is fast, I don't want to miss the tiny things that are really big things
so thank you for allowing me to journal that here.
Stay tuned for details as things progress....
products will not be coming out until January 2013
but oh my, they are gonna' be wonderful.
Thrilled and honored to be a part of this and partnering with another manufacturer who "gets it."
They are doing good stuff and making a difference.
Touching lives with products that have meaning.
thank you God
thank you God
thank you God


  1. God is so good! That is so cool how you can see his hand moving in your life and his plan is unfolding for you. Praise God!

  2. Amen sister! Thank you God! And thanks for the reminder to start my own journal. So many little things God has orchestrated over the years that have become BIG.
    Hugs sweet friend!

  3. Exciting news friend! So proud of you and so, so thankful that the world is seeing God's light through you! Love you!


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