Nov 28, 2011

Charlotte Today

I have been asked to make a tv appearance on Charlotte Today 
next Tuesday, December 6th at 11:00am. 
They have asked me to come share my story about being a licensed artist 
and my partnership with Magnet Works, Ltd. 
which you may remember the amazing story
We'll be discussing how this came to be, the design I painted for Sloan, 
and showing the first ever peek at the products.
The sweet folks at Magnet Works are sending me a few samples to show during the segment,
which is super nice since they do not officially launch in the showrooms until January 2012.
Our hope is that this stirs community support...retailers will want to carry and sell the products 
and consumers here will want to purchase them. 
Knowing how many lives have been touched by Sloan's story
I can only imagine that our community will have open hearts 
and will do all they can to bless this endeavor. 
Yes, I am nervous and not looking forward to a live tv interview, 
but know this will do nothing but bring good to all involved...
and I know Sloan would want me to.
It does my heart good knowing that such a great portion of the sales from these products 
will go directly to The Sloan Chambers Fund at Levine Children's Hospital
which will help the fight against pediatric cancer.
So I hope you'll watch, root for me and pray for for me to be calm 
and just focus on this amazing opportunity to share these products 
which will bless many and will allow Sloan to be remembered.


  1. Caroline, You'll be amazing on Charlotte Today. Your fans will be watching and supporting you the whole time. Can't wait to tune in!
    Could you tell me who makes your metallic paints? They would make a fantastic Christmas gift for my friend. Thank you! Lynne

  2. Barret said: So wonderful!
    Our Lord will be glorified in all of it.
    Love- bb

  3. Pop said: Caroline,

    What a great thing to do. We will be watching.

    Proud pop.

  4. Lillian said: You will be AWESOME!

    Happy Tuesday! Heading to the barn today to see my pony! :)


  5. Lady said: Well written, sweetie. You have such a gift :-) Don't will be just fine talking like you do to anyone about Sloan. Focus on Colleen and have an intimate conversation like you were at FABO. You will be fabulous!!!!
    We have Siri ready with an alarm to remind us!! xo

  6. Kelly said:
    I read your blog at work but sadly I can’t respond via the blog – I was blocked! I was too excited about your news and I could not wait until I got home to respond. Charlotte Today…fantastic! I am so proud of you. It is remarkable that you use for talents to praise God, inspire others and bring such goodness to the world. Gifts are for giving and you truly do that! I read your blog every morning and it really helps to center me for the day.

    FYI - Last night Emmy and I made the wire hanger/ornament wreath together. It was a great activity to do together! We are going to attempt the bow tonight – as you know not my specialty! J

    I have been thinking and praying for Sloan’s parents a lot recently. The holiday season can be difficult. I know they will find comfort in God, family and friends.

    Thank you for your friendship and I look forward to Thursday night at the Wine Palette!

  7. Thank you sweet friends for the supportive comments...means so very much. xoxo

  8. I will be watching! Just say what you need to say and all else will fall into place. Have FUN!

  9. Just take a deep breath and the Lord will be there with you, He promised!

  10. Poppy is right- you've been promised that you will have the words when you need them.

    I think you should just relax and enjoy the fun! And smile your winning smile. May Kate feel the love.



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