Oct 23, 2011

follow up photos

Hope you all had a glorious fall weekend. 
We did and it was FULL of sports, school fall festival, church youth auction event, 
and lots of pumpkin painting and carvings.
More family photos than you'd ever care to see 
but I'll be sharing the pumpkin carvings and paintings soon.
I promised to share a few of the many pictures taken from last week's event
when I spoke and taught.
It was all so quiet and clean before the event began.
These ladies had such a great time. 
Many hadn't had craft time since they were in elementary, 
a couple were preschool teachers and one had been to art school.
So we had quite a variety but all were eager and happy to be there.
After a brief introduction from sweet Hannah and a short message from me, we began.

They did a great job of mixing paint colors to make their canvases their own.
After a bit of clean up, it was time to break, let our canvases dry 
and head into another room for dinner.
Dinner was catered by Catherine from The Musing Foodie....
it was yummy and she was so clever in having a SMORE'S BAR for dessert!
It was a big hit!
Then it was back to work...
As I taught them how to begin and plan their mixed media,
I gave a faith message about using our hands to serve God.
It was a fitting message because we used our hands to create every bit of this art.
I talked about discerning our God-given talents and how to try and figure out what that might be.
Enjoyed visiting with everyone...
We made a mess but it was worth it...
Each one was unique....

and my original I created for this event is now for sale on the front wall at FABO....
head on over for a peek this week!
Have a great Monday!


  1. My interest was "curious" at the top of your post but By the time I had scrolled to the bottom of your post I was "snagged, hooked and totally intrigued" by this worthwhile opportunity to express God's Word in a totally personal and precious way. Your are such a "do-er" of amazing things with your talent and encourager..a real "Barnabus" in my books and I'd really like to have been able to be there too. Thanks for sharing. God bless you:)

  2. What a fun time. I love what the ladies created.

  3. what will it take you to come to the Portland, OR area to do this for me and my girlfriends? Come on......

  4. So great! Sorry I couldn't be there but I am really enjoying the one of those finished products. Love it:)


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