Sep 13, 2011

photo shoot

As I have written here before, I would MUCH rather....sooooooo much rather 
be the person BEHIND the camera and not in front of it. 
But a few manufacturers  I am partnering with are asking for snapshots and bios and such so instead of a boring headshot, my photographer friend Ali and I decided to make it FUN!
You can follow Ali on her blog called Be Inspired and also her Facebook page...
You should, she's a great mama and oh so talented with the camera!
And my dear friend Kate, Sloan's awesome mother, let me borrow my all time favorite bike....
the heart pattern made by Electra.
I really did not want to return this beauty. 
Unfortunately Electra does not make the heart pattern any longer.
Yes, I have already contacted Electra to see if they license artists and they do not. 
How much I would LOVE to design a bike or two 
or a whole collection for that matter with my art on them.
Can't you imagine some of my patterns on bicycles? I can, I can!
So here are a few of my favorite snaps from the photo shoot. 
Who doesn't love a bicycle basket filled with fresh flowers and original art?
And no, I do not normally ride bikes in strapless sundresses with jewelry and floral sandals 
carrying art and fabric samples....
but oooooooooh how much fun we had 
pretending that I do.
Unfortunately my boys were not home when this happened 
but I had two girls who were so they jumped in for a few snaps.
and Ali took a few of me in action after a quick visit to the studio
to put on my favorite apron and get covered in paint
which is ironically how I dress most days and ...what makes me the happiest. 
Yep, creating this art I love.... to share with others makes me smile this big.
I am hearing more and more from you, my sweet readers that my art makes you smile too.
And so thank you for sharing in this journey and coming along with me on this ride.
It's as if we're heading out on a bike ride together spreading joy and delivering love.
I'll be talking more about delivering love and more about bicycles soon, but in a different capacity
so check back in for more peeks.
Now get out there and LOVE whatever it is that YOU do 
and look for opportunities to bless others in the process.
That's really the greatest reward of all. 


  1. Ok, this post brought a huge smile to my face. What a fun photo session this must have been. Love the bike, your outfit and that smile. I want to paint like you with paint on your hands. I usually end up with a line of turquoise paint across my forehead that isn't discovered until someone behind a retail counter says...hey, you have paint on your face. :)

  2. Wow, you look lovely in those dresses, is that your own fabric? It looks so pretty made up and I spied some lovely embroidery on the belt, very nice! Great pics and your dear girls look lovely too! Oh and that really is a great bike, I love the detail and the cargo.

  3. So sweet of you ladies....the dress is not my fabric. Love it of my new favorite designers Judith March....


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