Sep 14, 2011

New signature logo

Multiple Blessings has a new and improved signature logo montage 
thanks to my graphic design expert, Tracey.
Let us know what you think?
I think it screams 
and I love the color combination 
using much of the latest art I have been creating here in the studio.
What do you think?
We'd love to hear from you!

and....oh my, our first Bible Study of the fall was today. 
It was super powerful and convicting. Met some amazing women. 
Laughed, cried, prayed.
We're studying the book of James on enduring trials. 
Did you know that the word various translates to "polka dotted."
And joy translates into calm delight/stability...
because we trust God will use our trial to grow us and mature us in faith.
Yes, our life was not promised to be a rose garden, but occasionally polka dotted with various trials. 
But by trusting in God, we will have the strength to endure those trials with courage and hope and trust.
Someone brought the most amazing cupcakes ever for us...yes, polka dotted ones and almond flavored!
And get this....have you ever heard of a give away at a Bible Study? 
They always have a couple of small treats to give out and 
I won a give away gift card to the Polka Dot Bake Shop!
because I had the most children with the oldest in the foursome. Hilarious!
Blessings on your day...


  1. Love the logo - it looks wonderful. Fall is my favorite season. Nice score on the gift card - one must feed the soul. :)

  2. I'm just tickled pink you're in the study and SCORE on the gift card--4 muffins for 4 blessings (or 2 each for those blessings' parents!). Oh, and thanks for taking those pics!

  3. Thanks for sharing those interesting things you learned for thought! The new banner is lovely and autumnly, I see some hard work went into creating that and lots of love. Bless you.

  4. PS: My new favourite fabric is polka dot:)


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