Sep 21, 2011

Global Soccer Mom and a great give away!

I had the pleasure of meeting the very sweet and compassionate 
She's a global thinker and speaks and teaches about how you, yes you, we...ALL of us
can be global thinkers too from our very own homes. 
She's a stay at home mom who wants other moms to know 
that while we're busy raising children we can still make a difference in the world 
without leaving the country and traveling to far away places in need.  
Her story was intriguing and it was quite powerful to hear how God gently led her 
to this place of global advocacy of becoming a voice for those living in poverty.
She reminds us that there is no need to be rich or famous to make a difference. 
Rather, she believes and inspires women all over to make a difference right where they are.

Here's a bit more on Shayne:
Shayne Moore is an author, blogger, speaker, mama of three, and outspoken advocate in the fight against extreme poverty and Global AIDS. Shayne is one of the original members of the ONE Campaign, The Campaign to Make Poverty History ( and sits on the executive board of directors for Upendo Village, an HIV/AIDS clinic in Kenya ( and Growers First. ( Shayne has written for ONE’s blog, Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership, FullFill, a digital magazine, and for her personal blog. Shayne is a member of Redbud Writers Guild. (
Shayne is an ordinary, full-time “soccer mom” who joined the ONE Campaign at its inception and who represents the heart of the movement. Shayne is an original member of DGAAN, Dupage Glocal AIDS Action Network, an advocacy group in her hometown. She was chosen to attend the G8 Summit as a delegate to both Gleneagles, Scotland in 2005, and to St. Petersburg, Russia in 2006, to urge World Leaders to keep their promises to Africa and fully fund AIDS initiatives. In 2007 Shayne was featured in a commercial with Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Matt Damon. Shayne has been interviewed by CNN, NBC, and was quoted and pictured in The Wall Street Journal (2006). Shayne traveled to Capitol Hill for a photo shoot which was featured in the Africa issue of Vanity Fair (July 2007) with ONE members such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Pastor Rick Warren, Matt Damon, and NAACP chairman Julian Bond. Shayne has traveled to Honduras and to Africa twice to see first-hand the devastating effects of AIDS and extreme poverty on communities.
Shayne was raised in Wheaton, IL. She graduated from Wheaton College in 1992 and moved to Los Angeles during the riots to teach school in the inner city. After returning home Shayne slowly completed a Master of Arts in Theology while her children were babies. Shayne still lives in Wheaton with her husband John and three children, JD (14), Greta (12) and Thomas (9) spending most of her days driving carpool and doing mountains of laundry.
Don't you just love it!
And how cool that she knows Bono, lead singer of U2.

Well my William reminds me a lot of Shayne. 
His compassionate heart led him to start a lemonade stand for his 8th birthday.
Now four years later, he's raised over $6000 for local charities.
You may remember this from hereherehere and here.
He had an autobiography assignment this week for school 
and wrote "I have an interest in making a difference in people's lives."
I truly think my heart did a summersault when I read that.
The editor of the Charlotte Weekly newspaper called last week and asked to interview William.
The article is supposed to be in the paper tomorrow (Thurs, Sept. 22)
so if you are in Charlotte, take a peek and please save a copy for me!
William hopes the article will inspire more kids to try and make a difference. 
Shayne hopes to inspire women everywhere to become educated, informed global thinkers.
I think these two should have lunch, don't you?
and get this......
I have one signed copy of her awesome book for one lucky winner this weekend!!!
Who wants to be inspired?
Check out Shayne's website here.

For a chance to win...
do any of the following but if you do more than one, 
do them separately so you have more chances to win!
*leave a comment about how you or your kids 
or someone you know has made a difference 
in the world

*link to this giveaway on Facebook

*Tweet about this give away

* Post about this give away on your own blog

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,

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  1. I want to live that kind of life, sold out to the God's kingdom and making a difference through whatever door God opens...what a marvelous inspiration. I would love to read Shayne's story and pass it on to encourage others too. Thanks for sharing her with us Caroline. Your son William's attitude is an encouragement to us all, as well. God bless you all.


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