Sep 18, 2011

being the hands, feet and eyes...

Hi sweet readers! Hope you had a glorious weekend. 
I can't say mine was glorious all the way around because I slept on a church floor for both nights 
but in so many ways it really was glorious.
We had 78 eighth graders and 20 adults go on a mission trip to Asheville, NC.
God was soooooo there and it was amazing to watch these youth grow on their faith journey.
We talked a lot about compassion.
We talked a lot about being the hands, and feet and eyes that God calls us to be in this world.

We painted, we cleaned, we served, we bonded.
We walked the "true story walk" of a former homeless man in Asheville.
 He had started at the top as a successful physician...
but and alcohol, drugs led to homelessness and despair.
He was among one of the blessed to receive the help he needed 
and is now happily married, gainfully employed 
and he speaks regularly to folks in Asheville about his story and experiences.
We played silly games and laughed a lot.
We enjoyed our small group time.
We made art (which you know I loved) 
and they were all so unique and special just like each of these kids.
We learned so much about being the hands and feet and eyes of Christ in the world.
What an honor and privilege to be a part of their journey and grow my own in the process.
And I didn't forget....the winners for this weekend's give away are:
kbmcdonald said...

Hey You! Love it, love it!
Ashley L Cheek said...
Caroline, I saw some of your beautiful stuff featured at the coffee shop of Selywn... I love the skinit! God is really using in incredible ways!

Please e-mail me and send me your addresses!


  1. Hey Caroline, What a wonderful experience - you must have met my friend Aimee! She's amazing, isn't she? Would love for our Sharon Presbyterian confirmands to do the same. xo, Lynne

  2. yes, met sweet Aimee and Bill! Great folks! Wonderful experience...just hate that Walker got sick Friday and could not attend. He really wanted to be there with his friends.

  3. Weekends like that, sleeping rough might help to begin to appreciate what homelessness feels like. It can be hard to understand when we are all tucked up on a comfortable bed in the security of our homes. God blesses and provides so well for his children...but he still has ways of teaching us compassion. I'm thrilled for you that you are actively involved in that process and it really looks as if you all had a wonderful time together. Great work!


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