Aug 28, 2011

THANK YOU! and winners...

from the bottoms of our hearts!
What an incredible turn out we had Saturday
for William's 4th annual Lemonade and Cookie Stand!
You have sweet, kind, loving, generous hearts...yes you do!
Thanks to many of you who came and either donated money to Samaritan's Feet,
or new shoes to this cause, or you donated baked goods which we sold out of...yay!
Some of you don't even know us and you mailed checks to us Samaritan's Feet.
Bless you sweet folks!
William did a great job with marketing and delivered flyers all over last week 
and many of his friends helped to prepare for the big event.
We made just over 20 gallons of iced cold lemonade...whew!
Harris Teeter donated lots of cookies and although most of them were frozen 
and we had to bake them and bag them, we were so grateful for the donation. 
We bagged over  600 cookies!!!!
I printed labels and bought a ton of sandwich baggies 
and it was like a little cookie factory in my house last week, I tell ya'!

Sweet friends  and family donated delicious homemade treats too!
We appreciated the homemade, the store bought, all of it!
Here are just some great new shoes you donated for Samaritan's Feet!
Thank you!
 William's good friend Patrick helped again this year and has helped all four years.
Charlotte & Sarah Grace were thrilled to help too. 
Neighbors and friends came out in packs and many just stayed all day in our front yard
helping serve, hold signs and flag down cars.
William's awesome teacher even came by with her cutie pie 
who loved our sugar cookies.
William always has such great friends who come to support him and it means so much.

we had folks who biked on over....
cool cars loaded sweet friends came by too....
baseball coaches came by to support the effort as well...
and David gave John Deer tractor rides toward the end of the day which was a big hit!
The kids found this praying mantis during the day they were so excited.
It reminded me that we prayed over this event.
And thanks to all of you, 
we're thrilled to report that so far 
William's Lemonade and Cookie Stand 2011 
raised a total of $1947!!!!!!!
We have had some folks say they could not make it and still want to contribute 
so William will be accepting checks this week through Friday.
If you feel called to contribute, please make your tax-deductible check made out to Samaritan's Feet 
and mail to 
2036 Ferncliff Road
Charlotte, NC 28211
We'd love to donate over $2000, 
so let us know if you can help us meet that goal.
We're sooooo close!
Thank you, bless you, thank you!
We are so grateful and Samaritan's Feet is going to be thrilled beyond words.
If you want to see the entire set of pictures, click here.


the winners for this week's give away are:
Simone de Klerk said...

What a beautiful skin! Happy and bright (o:
A makeover for my iPhone4 (o:
LOVE your other designs too. They make life happy.
Mary on Lake Pulaski said...
Sorry I couldn't make it to the lemonade stand, but I am here to say that I'd love a new skin for my soon to be purchased Iphone!

Congratulations to the winners this week!
Please e-mail me at with your addresses.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. congrats on doing so well with the stand. that is awesome.
    and congrats to 2 of my readers who entered your giveaway. yay!

  2. What a lovely surprise this is (o: I'm looking forward to making my iPhone look happy.
    And what a great way to raise money! Congratulations to the great work.

  3. Congratulations to the winners and to the success of the lemonade stand. Good going and Enjoy!

    Have a super great day.


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