Aug 22, 2011

new mixed media & summer wrap up!

So I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon recently thanks to my new friend Hannah
You can follow me here on Pinterest if you'd like. 
It's an amazing place full of inspiration and one can get lost in it all. 
Franky, I have not had much time to create my boards or pins but will add to them eventually.
I had seen folks try this crayon melt on Pinterest before 
but then my blogger friend Meg tried this recently too, 
so I decided to make an enormous one with a faith message to sell here at FABO
and then my girls really wanted to each make a small one for their rooms. 
It was such fun! They are all one of a kind; you can't recreate them the same if you tried.
I found this wonderful Irish blessing about a rainbow and added it to this mixed media. 
May God give you
For every storm a rainbow,
For every tear a smile.
For every care a promise
and a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh a sweet song
and an answer to each prayer.
You can scoot over to FABO and scoop this 20x20 up for yourself
or you can try it yourself at home.
I fell in love with crayons early on; still love them so, don't you?
Here are some snaps of the process with my girls.
Do be careful, the melting wax can spray on you if you are not careful! 
I always us a shower curtain liner on the floor just in case.
Line up the crayons in just the order they want. Anything goes!
Then hot glue them carefully. We did this so that the interesting names of the colors show at the top. 
Crayola has them listed in English and Spanish.
Use the hairdryer to melt the crayons and again, be careful that it does not burn you!
We found that if you blow from the top down, it works even better than this, 
but be creative and watch your rainbow appear.
They are so excited about these and they proudly hand in their room now.
oh and in the meantime...
open house for school continues, shoe shopping, haircuts,
some rock climbing here at Inner Peaks,

some last minute pool time too....
play time with neighbors exploring nature and finding new friends...
like "Ferncliff" a.k.a. "Cliff" or  "Fern Cliff"....they can't decide.
water balloon fights in the back yard...

and of course some necessary ice cream visits!
so much more this week! Check back in soon!


  1. The crayon art is really fascinating!
    Oh, the last days of summer before school starts. Looks like you are getting some fun time in with the kids.

  2. Love the art, love the pics (especially the pool one), love you taking the Pinterest plunge! Happy last couple of days of summer.

  3. Interesting artwork! Great pictures of everyone having a fun time! Love the verse as well. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  4. LOVE what you did with the crayons!


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