Jul 21, 2011

finally free!

So you've been asking why I named the fabric collection name
Yes, there's story...
I think all design collections should have a reason for the name, don't you?
 It makes them all the more interesting. 
Kind of like when a musician names the songs he writes. 
There is usually a story behind the song title which speaks to the listening audience.
And the author who chooses the title of his book, 
The words in the book are really the story behind the title, which the readers enjoy.
You've got the point...
I have said this before, and typed these words recently when submitting my artist bio:
The world 
is just more beautiful 
through the eyes 
of a child.
Our children have taught me to notice God's creation as if I were a child all over again.
We adults are so "comfortable" that we forget to notice 
the clouds, the sun, the sky, and the details of each new day.
We are so worried about the storm
we forget to notice the rainbow or the sunset when it's over.

We often are too busy to see beauty in the simple things.
But our children make us slow down and stop...
enough to notice heart-shaped rocks on a hike

or the cross in the sky
 or the bird nest made by feathered friends in our own yard
who gathered our left over Christmas ribbons to create their home.
They noticed the intricate hornet nest constructed amid our azalea bushes 
which my husband so bravely removed when winter finally ended.
It's going to the new science lab at the elementary school next year so others can be amazed too.
We spray them and try to kill them 
but children see the extraordinary beauty even in the weeds...
 and they make us slow down enough to notice the miracle of the butterfly.
They made me want to research it all over again.

and so I did...
If you can't see the video, click here.
So the magic of the butterfly and my faith journey got me thinking in detail about this a year ago
and I began painting this collection of butterflies, birds and flowers.

As I painted them it got me thinking...
in so many ways we humans are bound by our own cocoons.
We are literally and figuratively self absorbed...often wrapped up in ourselves.
We are wrapped in sin...so sin and self absorption are like the cocoon.
But we can change.
When we choose to follow Christ, we can be free from the cocoon...
free like the butterfly.
Finally Free!

We can spread our wings and fly. We can travel far and touch lives...
with our words, our actions and our gifts & talents.

so that's why the name
I want to be more like the butterfly than the caterpillar in that cocoon.
I want to fly free like the bird and look at the world through God's eyes.

Do you?
P.S.- still waiting to hear from two winners from this give away.
Perry and Anne, please e-mail me at multipleblessings@mac.com so I can ship your prizes.!
Happy weekend!


I have become a new subscriber and look forward to your posting. The best thing I ever made with my hands was a two piece evening gown that I knit out of metallic gold and silver yarn. It had a circular skirt and the top was made in a diamond pattern with gold beads at the intersections. It was just beautiful.

Love your new fabric lines! Cute pincushion jars! I always enjoyed crafts. I remember one particular Christmas when I was about 11 years old. I'd asked for craft kits, and my mom found several kinds. My gifts included embroidery kits, decoupage, and a string art project. My favorite project, even to this day, is the string art sailboat kit. The kit contained a wooden base for the sailboat's hull, a backing board, pattern for placement of all the tiny nails, and the string. It's my favorite because my dad helped me place all the nails straight and even. I wound the string to create the sails. I gave the finished project to my dad, and he was so proud of it. It always hung in his den. After he died, I brought the string art sailboat to my house and hung it on my wall. It reminds me of my dad and the fun we had working on the project together.
**********************************************************************************Grateful for prayers this weekend for my dear friend Kate. 
The doctors harvested 9 million stem cells from her for her daughter, Sloan.
Sloan has mast cell leukemia and will have a bone transplant tomorrow (Friday). 
You can follow her amazing journey here.


  1. Lillian said:
    Great way to start my morning Caroline! Thank you!!!

  2. Finally Free......ahh.....amazing grace! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Happy W/e to you friend! XO Nancy

  3. I love the fabric design and hearing the inspiration behind it!


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