Jun 19, 2011

4 winners & remembering Pop and his paintings

to the following winners of the iPhone Skinit designs:
Beth Simmons
Kristen McDonald
Haynes Paschael
Erica Manthe
Please e-mail me your addresses and I will send your prize to you!
If you didn't win, don't be blue,
we'll be having another give away this Thursday for 2 of the iPad2 Skinits I designed.
Today was Father's Day and so happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers out there!
And today was my parent's 45th anniversary.
I love that they grew up in the same small southern town; 
they even went to Kindergarten together.
Now years later....they're still happy and in love.
And today would have been Pop's 100th birthday....my father's father.
My grandfather was the artist
and the one I am sure I got some of my artistic talent from.
Someone else painted him here...
He died when I was 9, but I think about him often and wish he were here so we could paint together.
He had very little money. He owned a small furniture store in rural Georgia.
He couldn't afford to buy frames for his paintings so he made his own.
That's one of my favorite parts of the paintings though.
This is one of "Lady" his wife and my grandmother.
She died when I was 13... and she was truly such a lovely lady.
I remember she used to let us play with her jewelry and make up 
and I still remember the smell of her perfume.
He painted this of his his daughter/ my aunt
who was also blessed to inherit his artistic talent.
Love you sweet Mimi!
This is one of my all time favorites of Pop's paintings...
He painted several nudes but they are tasteful
and I guess I just love them because he painted them.
Love the colors in this....

I really do not know the history of each...need to ask my dad and aunt these questions
and I wish I could ask Pop.

Missing Pop and appreciating the fact that I inherited an ounce of his talent. 
Family is such a gift and it also makes me realize 
how important it is to ask questions about our family's history and hear their stories. 
I need to do more of that.
Hope you all had a great weekend and celebrated the fathers in your family!


  1. Wow Caroline!!! Those are beautiful. I think your grandfather was a very wealthy man. God blessed him with an amazing talent that he was able to pass along to you. God is very good and it is so wonderful how he plans our talents.
    Have a wonderful week!!!
    Love, Stella

  2. How special to see some of your grandfather's marvelous paintings! Thank you for sharing! And I love your grandparents portraits..they are both stunning! Happy week to you friend!

  3. These are so wonderful, Caroline. I remember you showing me one of your grandfather's paintings. Beautiful and how lucky to still have some in your possession.

  4. What a talented family! Thanks for sharing these special paintings with us all.

  5. Thanks sweet folks for the kind comments here....yes indeed Pop was rich in talent and in family. Wish he was still here...I'd love to spend a week in the studio together. xoxo


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