May 24, 2011

pausing in prayer

I must pause from all of my good news and happenings to ask in boldness for prayer for three sweet friends battling the thing we all hate...cancer.
Life is busy and life is happening fast and so many great things are going on in my life 
but my head is spinning and my heart is broken for three sweet people we love.
Many of you who read this are already praying for Sloan and will remember her story from here and here
Her latest news is not good, but we are in deep prayer for her, for her family, for her entire medical team and we claim and pray for complete healing. 
Her sweet mama is my dear friend Kate and Sloan is a friend of my oldest son, Walker. 
She is battling mast cell leukemia and is the only recorded pediatric patient in the world with this right now.
I ask and beg for your prayers for this sweet child of God.
An 8th grader and friend of Sloan's, Lucy White, created this youtube video for her. 
It's absolutely beautiful.
Get your tissues out now.
If you cannot see the video below, click here

Mary Bryan Smith is a sweet friend who you may remember from here
She was my personal trainer until I broke a bone in my foot (ughh) 
and then she injured hers so we were a double mess.
She had a double mastectomy today and has a long recovery ahead. 
Please pray for sweet Mary Bryan and her family.
Her faith and strength are so evident in her journaling here.
 And precious 6 year old Grier Christenbury, who is in kindergarten with our Sarah Grace.
Grier has the sweetest spirit and has the BEST attitude!
He was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma in 2007.
You can see his journey here.
His sweet mom, Amy, is a rock. 
I love her brutal honesty about why cancer sucks.
She has been and continues to fight like no one else I have known for a cure for pediatric cancer.
Cookies for Kid's Cancer bake sales all over in honor of Grier
and one very successful one in our neighborhood last Sunday.
I just have to pause and ask for more prayer for these sweet friends.
I am humbled and thankful and know they would be too, if you are willing.


  1. My heart breaks for all of these stories. Sloan and kate and her daddy are in my prayers diligently today. I just talked to kate and she is incredibly strong thru this fight. What an inspiration her story is to everyone ....even strangers. Grier has always had a piece of my heart and Amy is an amazing fighter and mother and friend. Although I don't personally know Mary bryan, her journaling shows an inner strength that is admirable. God Bless them all in their journeying thru these diseases. He is powerful enough for all.
    Sweet Caroline, you're a blessing. Xxoo

  2. Thank you Dianna...appreciate your prayers. They are all so special and have so many prayer warriors in Charlotte and beyond.
    Blessings your way...


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