Apr 24, 2011

the week away

I hope you all had a glorious Easter!
I confess to "pre-blogging" the last several days and just scheduled the posts to be sent 
while I was away all week with my family for spring break on Edisto Island.
It was bliss to play in the sand and surf and be away from the hustle and bustle, 
even though it was difficult at times to stop mentally and physically preparing for Surtex.
We ended our week with the 6:30 sunrise service right on the beach.
Doesn't get any better than that.
Quite the variety of pastors spoke and folks sang 
as many locals and visitors showed up to celebrate Christ's resurrection. 
Despite the casual attire ...t-shirts and flip flops worn by most...
people were ready and awake 
for this special occasion and we watched the sun rise together.
You know I could not stay completely away from art while away, 
so the girls and I created a few fun shell images on the beach.

oh how we love rainbows...
but I think my favorite part of this picture is their footprints in the sand. 

Charlotte was the trooper with her cast on and thanks to this Dry Pro cast cover
she enjoyed digging in the sand, playing in the ocean and even swimming in the pool!
Oh yeah, and showering!
And I promise to share this fun craft soon that we did one afternoon....
A few more highlights from the week...
my poor parents could hardly use their new ipad...
This was the hot thing to play...
create your own pottery and then you get to auction it off.
Such a cool app.

Sarah Grace found this star fish and was soooo excited.
This friendly pelican followed us on our sunset cruise after we fed the seagulls their bread...
think he must have thought hoped we had shrimp or fish.
He came amazingly close to our boat....such a beautiful creature.
We had some of the last local oysters of the season!
The kids have learned how to catch the crabs, cook them, clean them and eat them!
Hands on learning courtesy of the amazing grandparents.
 just looooove this blue!
William actually was pinched by this fella before he was cooked 
so William decided to get him back!

a boat trip by a few and car trip by a few to Beaufort, SC for the day 
and a bit of shopping and lunch.

Charlotte found this gigantic clam shell which we washed 
and used for mixed nuts during appetizer time.
Garlic shrimp and linguini....mmmmmmm.
egg dying was super fun
but the best view for color is always from the upper porch...
God paints a different sunset every night.
If you want to see the set of the crazy number of pictures we took, click here.
What did you do for Easter weekend or spring break?
Would love to hear from you.


  1. Love that last picture best! I dream of someday visiting y'all! (See I can speak a little bot of Southern! Giggling!) Not long now til the Big Apple calls our name again. Are you ready or scrambling like me? Can't wait to see you again and hug your neck! So glad to see your pics. Glad you had a nice time away.

  2. lucky you!! I was blessed to be able to nurse a 4 year old with four days of 104 fever and after a wonderful prayer from my godly ped. dr. fisher, she woke up easter morning fever free!! had a lazy four days at home with her and the others once they were out of school and we dyed eggs, played outside and celebrated their daddy's bday. He IS Risen ....indeed! c

  3. SUPER great pics! Feel like I was there with you all. Love you and Happy Easter!!!


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