Apr 27, 2011


sooooooo excited that I scored this recently!
Was in Marshall's looking for an inexpensive, light weight lamp 
for my booth at Surtex and found this instead. 
Tall wired branches, easily movable and with clear crystal flowers on each tip.
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!
It goes so well with all of my bird designs and nature elements. 
It's battery powered too and I plan to cut my patterned designed papers in leaf shapes 
to accentuate the branches....
what do you think?
Can't wait to show you so many other peeks of what's happening in this studio.
It's swirling with activity!
Just wait 'til you see the booth I have designed for Surtex this year!
If you are in NYC March 15th-17th...please do come see me HERE!
Here's the peek at my promo piece...
as you can tell I have been painting sooooooo many
new collections for this show.
Current clients have needed art too so it's been super busy!
Can't wait...just hope I can get it all ready!
Oh yeah, I also am working on so many original pieces of art...
Don't forget to mark your calendar for May 5th!
It's the Carolina Art Soiree here in Charlotte!
If you love art ...pleeeeeeeease come to this...it's for a great cause
(read here about my dear friend Hannah who started this!)
I am so thrilled and honored to be HERE among the 28 artists exhibiting at this fabulous event!
I will try to give you a peek at some of my 20 originals which will be there
but you'll have to attend to see them all up close.
Lord, please multiply my time so that it may be fruitful for all and glorify you....

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  1. Funny...I bought those branches at Christmas time from TJ Maxx. I absolutely love them. Since, I have seen many different versions all over the place at various other retail stores.

    Can't wait to hear all the great news from Surtex!


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