Apr 26, 2011

Ocean Life Art

If you are looking for a fun summer beach project for your kidos,
we did this one recently at the beach and they turned out so cute!
Honestly they had enough sand and sun for the day and wanted to do a craft 
but I only had my sketchbook and a few paints and brushes. 
Thanks to my parent's scissors, stapler and some bubble wrap in the storage room
we had the supplies we needed to make some puffy sea creatures.

Start by stacking two sheets of thick paper together...
I just had sketchbook paper but white card stock paper would work well. 
Then flip one over so they can paint each side so that when you put them together 
back to back they will match up again.
Like this...
We just used acrylic paints...

After the pieces are all dry, start stapling at one side and 
begin stuffing paper towels into the center.
Staple all the way around and then... 
if you are making a sea creature with tentacles or legs
I suggest cutting bubble wrap into strips like this.

Or if you are making a crab you can just stuff the center and staple the legs on...
super cute, hu?
we just stuffed the mermaid bodies and heads...not the arms or hair curls.
No rules or templates....just have fun and be creative!
Next time they want to do a dolphin and a shark.
What would you make?


  1. Caroline these are adorable! I can't wait to try this project with the kids!

    Art by Karena

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