Mar 22, 2011

not tiny news...& go green in the classroom!

If you haven't heard about the 
not tiny news...
Yesterday Tiny Prints announced they are merging with Shutterfly. 
You can read more about that 
As designers for Tiny Prints, we have been assured that this is great news 
and things will remain the same 
only it will just be bigger and even better than before.
I continue to be thrilled to be among the list of talented artists and designers for this company 
and it will be neat to see it develop and expand.
Thank you for your continued support 
here and with all of the other manufacturers I am working with.
Speaking of...
my kid's school contacted me recently
and decided to create a custom spin  
on my Love the Earth tumbler I designed for Tervis.
They worked with Tervis and had the school mascot placed
on one side of the 16 oz. tumbler and my Love the Earth on the other side.
The school store is selling them and families can order. 
The school is encouraging the kids and teachers 
to use them for water in the classroom instead of
numerous plastic water bottles.
Your school could even do the same!

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  1. Selwyn teachers are LOVING their tervis tumblers and being able to support one of our most beloved and talented moms (and going green, of course!) xoxo


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