Mar 14, 2011

kaleidoscope of color!

Photos like this make me giddy! 
A sweet Designing For the Soul reader sent this to me a while back and I saved it. 
Thank you Robin! (she knew I would love it!)
These photos were taken in the tulip fields in the northern Netherlands. 
The Dutch landscape is stunning!
Looks like the best box ever of Crayola markers!
Evidently they plant the tulip bulbs in late October and early November
and more than three billion tulips are grown there each year.
Two-thirds are exported mostly to the United States and Germany.

I would love to visit this place!
How about you?
Just thought this would be a beautiful way to start the day,
being reminded of God's creation and His unfathomable creativity.
Isaiah 6:3 
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty;
the whole earth is full of His glory!
God really is the BEST artist, don't you agree?

P.S. These are not my photographs (wish they were)...could not find the exact source to credit.

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  1. Caroline, oh my friend! Those photos COULD be yours if you wanted to visit me next month! You have me laughing myself silly this morning. The first photos are probably from the Netherlands but the one with the John Deere tractor was taken almost literally right in my backyard! That's Mount Baker in the background, and the one with the barn is down the road from me and around the corner. The domestic bulbs came from Holland years ago but if you buy tulips next fall, look at the back of the packet and you'll likely see they're from Washington! Laughing... just one more reason to come visit me!!!


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