Feb 20, 2011

Sole Purpose & GiveAway Winner #3!

Last Friday I took a group of fabulous women and sweet my parents to visit 
Samaritan's Feet here in Charlotte.
We were invited by Manny Ohonme to their boardroom for coffee and treats 
 and to hear more about their great ministry.
He shared his amazing story with us and we were overwhelmed by the way 
God continues to use Manny and his wife Tracie to bless millions of children all over the world.
If you are a reader in Charlotte,
this is a wonderful place to take a group and volunteer...
think youth groups, school groups, Bible Study groups, Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.
They have the most organized warehouse all set up and ready to match left and right shoes, tie them together and help package them up to be sent off and bless children who have no shoes.

Manny grew up in Lagos, Nigeria
He met a group of missionaries when he was nine years old, 
who introduced him to some orange balls (basketballs)...
taught him how to play and a contest led him 
to receive his first ever pair of shoes.
This was certainly one of the most significant moments in his life...
 and a series of amazing events followed
including a full athletic scholarship in America. 
All the while God was preparing Manny's heart for something even greater.
You'll need to read his book SOLE PURPOSE, which you can find here.
Great Father's Day gift!
Great book for tweens and teens to read!

Some highlights from our visit on Friday:
Manny loved meeting my sweet friend Stella Barefoot...he loved her last name. 
We thought he was going to hire her on the spot to be a spokesperson for Samaritan's Feet!
 Regardless of our last names, 
I believe all of us will be spreading the word about this great ministry 
after our powerful visit there Friday.
It was quite emotional too...laughing, listening in awe, and crying.
 We actually had to pass around the GOD BLESS YOUs.
I encourage you to learn more about Samaritan's Feet. 
Their goal is to donate 
10 million pairs of shoes in 10 years. 
To date they have donated 
over 3 million in 6 years.
We want them to meet and even exceed this goal! 
Just $10 helps buy a brand new pair of shoes and includes the manufacturing and shipping.
How can YOU help?
Host a shoe drive...
easy breezy and rewarding...
do this with your kids,
do this as a neighborhood, 
do this as a school group.
For information on how to host a shoe drive, click here.

Go on a Samaritan's Feet Mission Trip.
You can search the list here.
I really want to go on one of these sometime.

You can volunteer locally in Charlotte at their warehouse.
Find out more about volunteering here.

Join the Barefoot Movement here.
Go barefoot at work, preach barefoot, walk/run barefoot, graduate barefoot...
all to raise awareness and money for Samaritan's Feet.

And you can donate here.
Thank you for listening to me share about Samaritan's Feet.
I am in awe of how God chose a little boy from Africa 
and had such an amazing plan for him
 to turn his blessing into multiplied blessings for millions.
Let me know if you'd like to be involved in any way. 
We have a group in Charlotte taking our kids to help in the warehouse soon.
We can't wait!

Congratulations to 

AJoy60 said...

Caroline- I love your designs! God has given you a wonderful & special gift.
You are this week's winner for our Fun Friday Give Away!
You win one of the magnetic pencil pads.
Let me know which design you'd like.
Let me know who you are and your contact information.
Don't give up if you didn't win!!!
We'll be having two more weeks giving away free products!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. I would have accepted if he had offered to hire me! He and his story are amazing and I could have listened to him talk for another 2 hours. I am still absorbing all of the wonderful stories he told us. WOW! It is very powerful how God is using Manny and his wife. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet them. Thank YOU for sharing your friendship with them with me.

  2. I love to hear, watch, see the lives of others unfold and, from a bigger picture, see how God is using them. I think often times we see 1 blessing of God's and think he stops there (Manny winning a contest to get his first shoes) but that blessing is just the beginning of His lifelong work in us. Manny sure is a great example of this. Thank you Caroline for sharing this with all of us.

  3. Caroline, You are such a blessing and thanks for bringing the ladies and your parents to visit us at Samaritan's Feet last week. Tracie and I sincerely look forward to continue our friendship with the group and seeing all that the Lord has in store for all of us as we pursue our "Sole Purpose" for Him...

    Thanks for all your kind words ladies...Let's get connected on Facebook and our other Social Media..I am truly humbled and honored...I thank God for allowing our paths to cross!

    In His Service,
    Manny Ohonme
    Founder, President & CEO
    Samaritan's Feet.


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