Feb 16, 2011

Possibilities for purchasing

Many of you have been asking 
when and where you can purchase the products designed with the Possibilities Collection.
Wellspring now has these on their website 
so you can actually purchase them directly from their on-line store.
This is nice because many of the companies I partner with only sell directly to retailers
so you have to search your state for stores which carry those items.
So happy purchasing..
 You can find the Flip Notes by clicking here...
You can find the Pencil Pads by clicking here...and here.
You can find the sticky blocks by clicking here...
You can find the boxed notes by clicking here and here...
You can find the pill boxes by clicking here.
These really make the greatest gifts and the products are super useful.
Think ahead for teacher gifts and Mother's Day.
I use my Flip Notes every single day
and they even sell refills on their site for the paper which slides into the Flip Notes.
Thank goodness they did not tell me they were planning to do this before I arrived...
I am not super comfortable in front of the camera as you will see, 
but here is the YouTube video Wellspring created introducing the collection
when it launched in January at Atlanta market.
I was smiling the entire time to avoid crying from being nervous.
Probably for the best that they accidentally cut me off at the end...I think I said something like ,
"I am thrilled to be partnering with Wellspring!"
click HERE if the video does not show...

I would be super happy if you would watch this on YouTube and leave a happy comment and mentioning how you know about Multiple Blessings.
Also if you own any of these products and like them, please mention that too.
Always great for manufacturers to get positive feedback.
Just click on YouTube near the bottom right and it should take you right to it.
They would be delighted to know my blog readers are such cool, kind folks.
And you are, so thank you for your continued support!
Are you getting excited about another giveaway this Friday???


  1. Caroline is an amazingly talented artist. I love her feminine touch and her messages of faith.


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