Feb 27, 2011

Outdoor art and winner!

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend...it was absolutely gorgeous!
Hope it was where you live too!
Wanted to share this easy breezy art the girls did on our patio tables. 
By the way, I usually cover my patio tables 
with a clear shower curtain liner for all outside art projects. 
I use these too for many of my collage pieces....makes for easy clean up!
After my recent visit with my sister 
we came home with a handful of doilies occasionally used for catering events. 
The intricate patterns are really quite pretty 
and so I let the girls just play with watercolors to see what they could come up with. 
I think we're going to display these somehow in their bedroom 
or string them together in the playroom just for fun and colorful decor.
May even hang them from the dining room chandelier above a spring/Easter centerpiece. 
Aren't they stunning all together?

Passing along random info to all of you who love Michaels art stores like I do. 
Scored these for 70% off....think they were 39 cents each.
Great cereal bowls!
all of their Valentine's crafts are 70% off too. 
The girls made these and are enjoying their new mugs. 
Think these kits were 30 cents each.
They are using the LOVE and I LOVE YOU inserts until next Valentine's Day.
And I know you are wondering who this week's winner is...
Our winner was randomly chosen by my oldest son....
Congrats to 

richandstella said...

Love Love Love the artwork!!! Beautiful! God has blessed you with such a fabulous gift that you are able to share.
Have a great weekend.
Let me know which pill box you'd like....Always Hopeful or Be Thankful!

Have a beautiful start to your week.

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  1. YAY!!!! I am so excited! That made my morning so much happier. And, I think I am always thankful (or should be at least) for each and every day so, I choose "Be Thankful".

    I am heading over to Michaels this morning... LOVE the bowls! Cute for ice cream also.

    Have a wonderful Monday and stay safe in the forcasted storms this evening.


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