Feb 15, 2011

mailing love and prayers...

I was at the post office today mailing love and prayers.
Yes, for Christmas we gave our four children a family gift.
We are sponsoring Maria through World Vision.
We have each written her letters, the kids have colored many, many pictures and cards;
we have purchased pajamas, a doll, markers and coloring books, toys and such.
We sent her a photograph of our family.
We are praying for her each day and I have her picture 
posted in various places in our home 
to remind us of our commitment to her and her family in Guatemala.
The kids, particularly our girls, are into making things to send to her 
and mention her throughout the week.
So can you actually mail love and prayers in a package?
I believe so...
it's in writing and we told her so.
One day, we hope to meet her, but for now
our love and prayers and packages will bridge our bond.
So when I was in the post office shipping this 
I ran into sweet Sabrina who works there. 
She's been there for years and I can't remember her ever having a day off.
She's like Tiffany, she works with a smile 
remember Tiffany from here?
And you can sense that she tries to bring joy to those she encounters each day.
 Sabrina is a believer.
We started chatting as we always do and she hands me her cell phone 
to listen to her recent singing at her church.
Wow! What a voice and using her God-given talent!
Yep, spreading love and joy all through the post office today. 
Love it!
Start the day spreading love and joy to as many people as you encounter today.
Challenge yourself to go out of the way to be kind to those who may feel invisible.
As I often say,
there are many to choose from.


  1. Love this, Caroline! You are right in the center of God's plan and isn't it exciting??? Keep it up, girlfriend!

  2. Sabrina does always have a smile. I love going to that post office.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire us all. You are a blessing to your readers!


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