Feb 21, 2011

Design Inspiration from Moscow!

A sweet friend Ann and her husband are living in Moscow...
yes Moscow.
Can you even imagine living there?
Isn't Ann gorgeous?
I have been keeping up with her through her blog 
I met Ann through my dear friend Susan.
I had noticed some great architectural design elements in her postings 
and asked recently if she would take some photographs for me 
as the architectural shapes were inspiring many new design ideas.
She sent these recent beauties to me and the sketches and paintings have begun.

And bless her sweet soul...she took these while walking in -15 degrees F
Ann, you are simply BRAVE!
She is the only person I know who looks fabulous in a hat like this!
Thank you Ann, for capturing some great architectural inspiration from Moscow!
Keep them coming!


  1. Oh Sweet Caroline! You are a true gem. So glad I could share just a touch of inspiration from Russia. Lots of love! Ann

  2. Wow! Beautiful... I cannot wait to see your art from her awesome pictures. My parents visited Moscow and could not get over what a beautiful city it is. I think we need a fieldtrip!!!!

  3. Very beautiful - I dream of living in another country to experience a different culture. Thanks for sharing!


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