Feb 22, 2011

Big Marsh Guides...

My brother in law, Douglas, is a harbor pilot in Georgetown, SC.
He's also offers guides and charter services 
if you ever find yourself in the Litchfield, Georgetown, Pawleys Island, or DeBordieu area.
It is absolutely beautiful there.
You can see more about Douglas and what he does 
on his website BIG MARSH GUIDES.
His job as a harbor pilot
 is to jump from the pilot boat and climb the rope ladder onto one of these
and then give the exact math coordinates so this mammoth 
can dock safely without running ground.
What a job!
The "Star Heranger", 
largest vessel ever piloted into Georgetown harbor, 
by Captain Douglas Miller, Pilot, 12/10/2006.

Capt. Douglas with Capt. Mark, and the over-880lbs, SC State Record Blue Marlin!
My sweet sister and her kids are incredibly involved 
with boating and water activities there too as you can see.
More photos of Captain Douglas...in action!

These pictures make me wish it was summer!
How about you?


  1. Nice snap shot of summer - can't wait. It seems following passions is strong in your family! :)

  2. This really makes me miss the beach. You came extremely close, but pictures really can't capture the beauty, serenity and the wonderful marsh smell! I wish it could be bottled!!!
    I never realized how wonderful it was until I moved away... I took it for granted while it was my back yard.
    Thanks for sharing!!! xoxoxo

  3. I forgot to mention how blessed Aleene and Douglas are that their passions are their professions. How awesome is that!
    I guess that would be the same for you as well. Such a blessing and a rarity these days.


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