Jan 27, 2011

planning ahead

Today I was contacted by other moms about planning for summer camps and activities. 
Can it be so?
We've been so consumed by winter and jack frost, it's difficult to think ahead to summer.
Planning ahead too for Surtex and painting new designs. 
I am incredibly happy when I am immersed in my watercolors
especially with music like this on the background.
And I have been thinking a lot about these sweet letters I received this week. 
The 4th graders I spoke to last week about my job as a licensed artist 
wrote the kindest letters to me.
They were all wonderful but here are two that stood out...
They asked such poignant questions that day 
and I was so impressed with their insights and maturity.
Love that!
I told them they are not too young to begin exploring 
and trying to figure out their passions and talents.
This is posted in my studio and I read it every single day.
What's your God-given talent and what's your passion?
Happy, happy weekend!

P.S. Remember to pop over to FABO and check out all of the new art
while you sip on delicious coffee!


  1. Sweet Caroline,

    I love, love, love those designs....these would be great fabrics. And those precious letters gave me chills. Especially, "I don't know what my passion is, but I intend to find out" (made me smile). What a gift you are to so many. Love you, dear friend. ~ Katie


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