Jan 31, 2011

engagement bliss...

Know any newly engaged couples?
Here's a sneak peek at the  Multiple Blessings'engagement designs for 
They should be up on their site soon!
It was such fun painting these and a big thanks to my graphic guru Tracey
for all of her expertise formatting. Could not do all I do without her...
All images ©Caroline Simas
All images ©Caroline Simas
All images ©Caroline Simas
All images ©Caroline Simas
All images ©Caroline Simas

yes, I am going to ask you again...
which one is your favorite???
Lately I just want to pinch myself 
because I am so fortunate to design for such happy occasions.
Big news to share soon...stay tuned!
In the meantime, remember that 
Multiple Blessing's Valentine designs are still on sale 
and you can find them best 
from this post.


  1. Florine from Belgium said:
    All! But the last two ones are my favorites !
    Love ma douce

  2. crrmabry said:
    Champaign bottle my fav - then the big ring! so cute!

  3. Noelle said:
    Too cute! The ring is so creative!

  4. Barbara said:
    Love, love them all. Love, love everything you design!! The ring one is probably my favorite.
    Question - are boxes of Multiple Blessings Tiny Prints Valentines available in boxes? My life was so busy at Christmas that I didn't have time to send Christmas cards (first time ever) and I'm looking for boxes of Valentines rather than buying lots of individual cards to send to friends and relatives out of town.
    Thanks - so look forward to Designing for the Soul everyday.

  5. Genevieve said:
    My 2 favorites are the diamond ring and the 2 champagne glasses on the black background! So cute!

  6. I just love the ring - very fun! Great job again!


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