Jan 25, 2011

art therapy

Creating new and original art is therapy for me. 
I love it like my husband loves playing golf at dusk. 
It feeds my soul especially when I incorporate scripture and words 
which inspire me and "speak to me." 
Hopefully they inspire those who see them and those who become new owners of my pieces.
Because they are made by hand, they are made with love and intention. 
Recently it dawned on me that it would be great to pray for the folks 
who will one day hang these in their homes. 
I am a bit of a forward thinker I guess, 
because I've been praying for our children's future spouses since they were born.
Each of my patterned papers are torn by hand so no two are the same. 

this apple collage sure would be a fabulous teacher gift!
You can find these now at FABO on Selwyn Avenue.
Stop in for coffee, pastries and a fabulous art selection!
Speaking of art therapy...I posted this several months ago...do you remember?
Art I Want You
Can you tell me which one of the latest collages 
is your favorite and why?


  1. Joyful flower! Love these with the twigs and wire. xo

  2. Caroline all of these are great. But my favorite is what I'd call "God's Moments"....cuz I so try to live that way...this is a great piece to remind us. Bless you for your gift and that can share it with us all.


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